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Ryan Gosling Is Joining Clint Eastwood, Madonna, and Mel Gibson in a Very Special Club

Sylvester Stallone

Starred in: Rocky I - IV ('76 - '85); First Blood ('82); Cliffhanger ('93); Judge Dredd ('95); The Expendables I and II('10 and '12)
DirectedRocky II - IV ('79 - '85); Rocky Balboa ('06); Rambo ('08); The Expendables

As the distinct leathery face of Hollywood's top two muscle-bound underdogs (Misters Balboa and Rambo, respectively) Stallone is just as much an American folk hero at this point as he is a screen actor. In a weirdly autobiographical turn, the 65-year-old bruiser's recent directorial output mostly focuses on one of several 65-year-old bruisers coming out of retirement for one (or two, or three) final blaze of violent glory. Is 'Vester's most recent steroid-aided rebirth via The Expendables quality cinema? Not really. Is it absolutely hilarious and entertaining to watch this legendary, Botox-stiff father-of-five rampage through the millennial jungles of denial? Totes.

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