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A Blast From the FBI's Past


The only things cooler than FBI photos are vintage FBI photos, and we’ve got them for your viewing pleasure! Here are some historical images of those working hard to keep us safe, as well as a few shots of infamous criminal masterminds. And when we say “criminal masterminds,” we strictly mean “criminal.” John Dillinger and “Baby Face” Nelson have absolutely nothing in common with you MindHut Masterminds. At least we sincerely hope so!

Tags: slideshows, life, spies, fbi, 1930s, gangsters

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Allison Emm

Allison Emm is a writer, illustrator, and handmade soap enthusiast hailing from Boulder, CO. She is fond of bookish and ruggedly handsome mountain men, blue spruce trees, birds of prey, starships, and yarn.

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