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Our 7 Favorite Elves

Our 7 Favorite Elves

Elves. Love 'em, hate 'em, scream that they're overused, but you gotta agree that some of them are pretty freaking awesome. Here's our favorites from fantasy literature and games:

1. Arya Drottningu, The Inheritance Cycle. We have to admit that when we read Eragon as kids, we crushed on Arya right along with Eragon. SPOILERS: I mean, who wouldn't love a girl who's a Shadeslayer, a Dragon Rider, and over 100?

2. Holly Short, Artemis Fowl. While elves in Inheritance follow the Tolkien popularization of the race, elves in Artemis Fowl go back to the roots of ancient English folklore. Holly Short is one of our favorite members of LEPrecon in this series.

3. Shea Ohmsford, The Sword of Shannara. So, this is kind of cheating because Shea is only half-elf. Still, he makes a fantastic protagonist for this cornerstone piece of fantasy literature.

4. Drizzt Do'Urden, The Legend of Drizzt. The most famous dark elf in the literary world today, Drizzt became popular because of his triple-agent-style character—he's part of a race who are elves turned evil, but he's good.

5. Dobby the House-Elf, Harry Potter. If you were picking someone to marry off this list, Dobby might be the last, but if you want a friend to help you get over a breakup, we can all agree he'd be the first!

6. Link, The Legend of Zelda. Again, we're kind of cheating because it doesn't say anywhere in the games that Link is an elf—but he's enough like an elf that we think this is pretty appropriate.

7. Legolas, The Lord of the Rings. A list like this wouldn't be worth much if we didn't mention the elves' premier mascot, the Prince of Mirkwood!

Who's your favorite elf?

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