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7 TV Geeks Who Would Make Great Boyfriends

7 TV Geeks Who Would Make Great Boyfriends

Most of us geeky ladies discovered long ago that the very best paramours are our geeky male counterparts. Geeky guys make great boyfriends because they are very often sensitive, cerebral, and fun. When glancing across the current television landscape, the idea that nerdy fellows make great mates is evidenced on every show from The Big Bang Theory to Glee.  Here’s a list of 7 geeky guys currently on TV who we think would make great boyfriend material.

Freddie Benson, iCarly

As Miranda Cosgrove’s ever-reliable male BFF, Freddie would make the perfect high school boyfriend. He could help you with your chemistry homework, if you’re into theater, he could help you build the set and/or run your lines, and he’d be cool just hanging out, staying in, and having a movie night. His supersweet demeanor in his everyday dealings with Carly makes him a catch and a half.

Peter Bishop, Fringe

We’re talking about a guy who would literally cross over into other worlds for you here. Peter and his soulmate Olivia, have had more obstacles thrown at them than most TV couples, but the one constant in their relationship has been their love for each other. Peter is the perfect boyfriend: he’s sweet and patient with his mental patient father, he appreciates Olivia’s strength instead of being intimidated by it, and he’s kind of a genius. Works for us!

Stiles Stilinski, Teen Wolf

Dylan O’Brien’s work as sarcastic sidekick Stiles has made him the show’s most lovable character. He brings humor and brains to the table, and that’s a combo that can seldom be beat, especially considering he’s usually the Velma of the group, figuring out things before everyone else does. Dudes like that are necessary to have around! We’re still trying to figure out why Lydia, his perpetual crush and unrequited love interest, hasn’t come to her senses!

Glenn, The Walking Dead

Post-apocalyptic romance, anyone? As played by Steven Yeun, Glenn might be the most unconventional choice on this list. But after meeting Maggie, his sweet and protective sides came out, and he became the series’ second crushworthy star (winks to Daryl Dixon)! Glenn was always awkward, cute, and self-aware, but he hooked us when he confessed his love to Maggie after they fled Herschel’s farm.

Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation

OK, so he’s technically April’s husband now, but when he was just her bf, he was the sweetest ever! He serenaded her with hilarious and weird guitar-driven ballads, he was always open and honest with her, and he made her laugh every five minutes, all of which has continued on into their marriage. He’s now going back to school (taking Women’s Studies courses!) and is the primary caretaker for their three-legged shelter dog, Champion. He’s awesome sauce, indeed.

Blaine Anderson, Glee

While this show is more commercial than geek niche, many of the characters on it identify themselves as geek-ish. Blaine used to fit in at his old school, but things changed when he switched schools (which he did to be with his boyfriend Kurt... awww). He’s now on the outside looking in, but that hasn’t stopped him from being an amazing boyfriend. He convinced Kurt to go to NYC for the right reasons, he’s a great listener, and he has always been the best advice giver ever!

Ben Wyatt, Parks and Recreation

The men of Pawnee, IN are popular on this list, and with good reason. Adam Scott’s Ben has been the perfect match for Amy Poehler’s Leslie since the first day they met. He supports her and her ambitions endlessly, even becoming her campaign manager during her run for city council, and he was willing to turn down a fabulous job in D.C. to be with her (she made him go anyway). An awkward, bookish, George R.R. Martin fan, Ben Wyatt is definitely on of TV’s best bf’s.

Which geeky guys do you think would make bomb boyfriends?

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