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The 12 Least Known JRR Tolkien Characters

The 12 Least Known JRR Tolkien Characters

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It's going to be Hobbit Day this Saturday, the 22nd! Why? Because the 22nd marks Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays (they had the same birthday, only in different years... but you knew that already). And of course everyone knows about Bilbo and Frodo, but there are a host of other characters that you've probably forgotten about or never heard of from Tolkien-lore.

We had to read every MIddle Earth volume ten times over to discover some of these little known characters. But we did it for you. Because we care. So, to celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays, we bring you the least popular characters from the world of JRR Tolkien:

Pipple Pox, the Chatty Elderberry Bush
Theodorionorius Grandnamonius
Ted Baggins
Samuel Bloodpool Killthemen
Borin' Norin
Gandalf the Mauve
Ulysses Flatulence IV
A short, slimy man in a hat and sunglasses with a mustache and a strange accent who just wants to take a look at your ring... no bigs
Hobbity McElvendwarf
Yvette Onionbreather
Flagrant, the Careless
Queen Heather of Wet Seal

Did we miss any?

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