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Everything Eleventh Doctor: A Matt Smith Quiz!

Everything Eleventh Doctor: A Matt Smith Quiz!

Whovians! Masterminds! Lend me your ears! With the new season of Doctor Who well underway, it’s time to test how much you really know about The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Get set, ready, GERONIMO!!!

1. Who is Matt Smith's favorite Doctor?

a) Tom Baker

b) Patrick Troughton

c) Sylvester McCoy

2. Where in England is Matt from?

a) London

b) Bath

c) Northampton

3. Before becoming The Doctor, which Doctor Who alum did Matt Smith previously act alongside?

a) Sophie Aldred

b) Karen Gillan

c) Billie Piper

4. Who is Matt's favorite band?

a) Radiohead

b) One Direction

c) U2

5. How old was Matt when he won the role of The Doctor?

a) 32

b) 26

c) 19

6. Matt originally wanted to be

a) A musician

b) An author

c) A footballer

7. What is Matt's middle name?

A) Robert

B) Stephen

C) James

8. How many seasons has Matt played The Doctor?

A) 5

B) 1

C) 3

9. What article of clothing does Matt's Doctor find cool?

A) Suspenders

B) Bow ties

C) Loafers

10) Before winning the role of The Doctor, which other Steven Moffat related show did Matt audition for?

A) Coupling

B) Jekyll

C) Sherlock

Answers: 1B, 2C, 3C, 4A, 5B, 6C, 7A, 8C, 9B, 10C

8-10 Correct: Congratulations! You’re a TIME LORD. Your knowledge rivals The Doctor’s. You can truly call yourself a Whovian and a Matt Smith fan. Wear that fez and bow tie combo with pride!

7-5 Correct: Good effort, Mastermind. You’re a COMPANION. You’ve got enough knowledge and skills to stand alongside The Doctor and face whatever comes your way.

5-3 Correct:  Hmm, there seems to be some gaps in your Whovian education. You’re a SIDE KICK. Go watch some Eleventh Doctor episodes and school yourself in all things bow tie, Pond, and fish fingers, and custard!

0-2 Correct: Oh, dear. You’re a DALEK. You’re either a complete newbie to everything Doctor Who, or you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years. You need to drop everything, right now, and have an Eleventh Doctor marathon, STAT!

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