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These 7 Rebooted Heroes Got Updated Costumes

These 7 Rebooted Heroes Got Updated Costumes

The RoboCop reboot is shooting now, and like any much-anticipated movie with a ravenous fan-base, RoboCop is starting to leak images. The movie won't hit theaters until August 2013, but we already know what the cyborg version of Alex Murphy looks like. And it's... well... very different.
It kind of looks like a cross between Batman and a gladiator.

But reboots are tough, by nature. When a new production team reinterprets an iconic film, there's gonna be disagreement. How did other heroes get re-tailored, and how do fans respond? Let's see some recent notables:

Judge Dredd: Incredibly, Judge Dredd hasn't changed too much in the past 18 years. When Stallone played Dredd in 1995, he wore the same visored helmet and Centurion shoulder pads as Karl Urban's current getup. If anything, the new Dredd is a little earthier and a little less cluttered—and the motorcycles look a lot more fun to ride. The reboot may have a new story angle and vastly better special effects, but the gear is much the same.

James Bond: At this point, Daniel Craig has settled into tough, hardscrabble version of Bond. He still wears the tuxedos and turtlenecks that previous Bonds sported through the years, but as Skyfall approaches, the new 007 seems to favor the tailored suits of investment bankers. Gone are the days of Sean Connery in formalwear. A practical man requires a practical outfit.

Spider-Man: Aside from some reflective-y eyes, Spidey hasn't really changed in his 50 years fighting crime in New York City. Manhattan fashion may evolve every fall, but the web-slinger sticks to his wardrobe.

Star Trek: The original Federation uniforms were basically just form-fitting pajamas. They've evolved a lot over the years, but incredibly, J.J. Abrams didn't so much as change the color. The new Star Trek uniforms look almost exactly like the 1960s originals, and they don't look half-bad!

Total Recall: If you re-watch the Schwarzenegger version, you might be surprised to discover that he's wearing a plaid shirt and khaki trousers, like a suburban dad on vacation, whereas Colin Farrell looks like an H&M model. The big difference here isn't the clothes, though. It's the respective physiques of Farrell and Schwarzenegger. This style makeover comes down to the age old battle of buff versus sleek.

Batman: Whoa, nelly, has Batman come a long way. It's painful to even remember that Adam West sported a gray unitard and Halloween mask, while Robin wore a red vest and a pair of Underoos. In 1989, Michael Keaton's Batman went super-dark: a shiny black muscle suit that looked like it was made of putty. Since then, the Dark Knight has been consistently ripped and plasticky. He's also lost the chest logo, since everybody kinda already knows who he is.

Superman: It's hard to say what Superman will look like when Man of Steel premieres next year, since the trailer is titillatingly cryptic. It's also hard to imagine that anyone will modify the leotard and cape that has made Superman famous since 1938. But maybe they'll tinker with it. When Christopher Nolan produces, the one thing you can expect is surprises.

Who's your favorite rebooted superhero?

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