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Help a N00b: Should He Watch Supernatural?

Help a N00b: Should He Watch Supernatural?


I’ve long been a connoisseur of things sci-fi and fantasy from the CW, dating back to its days as the WB and UPN. I’ve mainlined the entire series of both Buffy and Angel straight into my head, and I’ve even spent a few seasons with Smallville and failed superhero offerings such as Aquaman and the godawful Birds of Prey. But I've never watched Supernatural.

Supernatural is a show that I’ve heard vague stirrings about. My friends have recommended it to me with only the line, “It’s the type of show you would like.” What does that mean? Is it like Game of Thrones? Is it like Happy Endings? Is it like Misfits? I like lots of shows. All I knew about the show before seeing this trailer is that it features two dark-haired dudes that like to hang out in dark locations. This is based entirely on DVD covers I’ve seen in passing at Best Buy. Well, I decided to watch a recently released trailer for season 8 (holy crap, that’s a long run) to gauge whether the show is for me. Here are my thoughts as I watched it:

0:00: “Sorry Sam, you are now [unclear] on your own.” Is he saying “literally?” Was he figuratively on his own before? Why does he look like a ghost from the 1960s? Is he lost in a jewelry store?

0:04: The producers of this show appear to be big fans of the musical Rent.

0:10: I hate those quick self-slamming doors too. There should be a warning on them in case you don’t feel like breaking your fingers.

0:22: “You were in Purgatory?” So, this show is a modern retelling of Dante’s The Divine Comedy with stylish flannel? And getting tackled by a guy in the woods is all you need to get sent to Purgatory?

0:28: There’s a dude with a Super Soaker assault rifle. I’m a little more interested now.

0:43: Plot, plot, plot. Third tablet that’s the word of God, and instructions to close the gates of Hell (they were already open?). I liked this before when it was called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

0:45-1:00: A long series of quick clips detailing that these two dudes love to pull pranks (the old bucket of water over the door trick) and beat up people.  Especially mailmen (0:58).

Final Thoughts: The trailer was essentially a piece of one scene with a lot of quick flashes of fistfights and water fights. That being said, the idea of someone coming back from Purgatory seems pretty cool. Also, some mailmen are just asking for it. I don’t think I’m quite convinced based on this trailer, though. What do you think I should do? Help me decide... should I watch it, or no?

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