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The 5 Greatest Video Game Villains

The 5 Greatest Video Game Villains

Yesterday, we featured the least intimidating villains. Today we're going for the real deal. Specifically from video games. Ever since the 8-bit generation, gamers everywhere have reserved a special place in their heart for even the most vile and loathsome miscreants responsible for so many “game over” screens and the subsequent throwing of the video game controller at the TV in a fit of blind geek rage. So, which video game villains do we at The MindHut love to passionately hate with the fire of a thousand suns? Read on to see some of our picks for the greatest video game villains!

5) Ganon (The Legend of Zelda Series)

The ‘80s were probably one of the greatest eras to be a video game aficionado. For instance, fear that a game’s ending or any other big reveal would be spoiled thanks to the loose lips of the internet was nonexistent. When Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda back in 1986, the company was keen not to divulge the identity of the game’s final boss, Ganon, and hyped-up the discovery of his true appearance to a point where everyone was racing to be the first to do so. That sense of accomplishment upon learning that Ganon was a blue anthropomorphic pig was unparalleled and it’s this, in conjunction with his aura of mystery, that makes him such a great bad guy. And that Ganon’s transcended death to menace each new incarnation of Link earns him a gold star in dogged determination, too.

4) Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

We know, we didn’t pick Sephiroth and his whole killing Aerith thing—we’re not denying it was one of the most heinous acts in gaming history. But, for our gil, there’s one Final Fantasy villain that puts ol’ Sephy to shame: the mad mage Kefka Palazzo, from Final Fantasy VI. What makes Kefka so evil? Let’s see... he murdered an entire kingdom by poisoning the water supply, harvested the magical essence of ancient deities called Espers by torturing and killing them, transmuted the world into a post-apocalyptic landscape, and achieved godhood. Did we mention he did all this looking like a clown?

3) Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil Series)

Albert Wesker may be the perennial foe for the heroes of the Resident Evil series, but Al wouldn’t be where he is today without Umbrella Corporation rearing and conditioning him since childhood. Running with the pretense that they're a benevolent conglomerate there for the consumer, Umbrella is, in actuality, an authoritarian institution that has only served to bring the entire world to the precipice of disaster—thanks to their gross misuse of the t-Virus begetting hordes of zombies and other biological nasties rather than the ideal super soldier. Even though you never face Umbrella directly, their presence is definitely felt through their various agents, paramilitary units and the genetic abominations running rampant. Good luck with the PR.

2) Goro (Mortal Kombat Series)

Goro has appeared many times throughout the Mortal Kombat series, but it was his debut in the very first arcade installment as a sub-boss that led to his infamy. And that’s the thing, Goro wasn’t even the final boss! He was frustratingly impossible to beat and would eat through a month’s worth of lunch money at the local arcade within minutes. All you could do was watch helplessly as your character was pummeled by a four-armed brute with all the finesse of a schoolyard bully. So many walks of shame from the pizzeria.

1) Bowser (Super Mario Series)

Ever have one of those days where you’re making one mistake after another, nothing’s going your way, and you just want to call it quits? Well, kick that negative attitude to the curb, because if there’s one video game villain you should look to for a bit of motivation, it’s Bowser. Since 1985, Bowser has watched his ambitious scheme of princess-napping go up in smoke time and again thanks to a pudgy plumber from Brooklyn. Does Bowser let a plunge into searing hot lava stop him? No! Does he wave the white flag after being humiliatingly spun around by his tail into explosives? Never! It’s carpe diem each and every morning for the King of the Koopas—as should it be for you, too!

Who's your pick for greatest video game villain?

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