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The Newest Wreck it Ralph Trailer Made Us Smile... and Want Cake

The Newest Wreck it Ralph Trailer Made Us Smile... and Want Cake


The animated, retro video-game extravaganza, Wreck-It-Ralph recently unleashed its newest full length trailer upon the world. If you're fresh out of quarters, don't worry, you can watch it with us right here for the bargain price of the click of a button!

Now a few passing thoughts:

- These guys have all the little nuances of old school video games down. All the little bleep and bloops are SO-FREAKING-COOL.

- If John C. Riley, (Wreck It's voice) was eighteen years old and came down with a horrible case of Giganticism, he'd probably look exactly like Wreck-it-Ralph.

- The fictional "Fix-it-Felix" game is clearly molded after the old Mario/Donkey Kong dynamic, just a little more P.C., so as not to offend apes and Italian plumbers.

- I know this is Disney, and they have like a ka-jillion dollars and all, but regardless, the licensing fees for all of these characters must have been insane!

- In regards to that mohawked, bearded dude, Zangief—it's been a long time since I've played Street-Fighter, and I totally recall how disturbing that patch of hair across his chest is, but I've never noticed the far more disturbing patches of hair creeping out of his red boots. The rest of his body is just about hair free—so does it grow naturally like that? Or is he basically as hairy as a werewolf, and waxes every inch of his body with the exception of those patches? Am I over analyzing this? Don't answer that question.

- I never realized it before, but those Pac-Man ghosts kind of look kind of like cup-cakes. I could go for a cup-cake right now, or maybe just a plain old cake...

- Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun is going to KICK BUTT.

- Whoa, that little girl voiced by Sarah Silverman seems to live in some kind of video game version of CandyLand. Do they have cake in Candyland? I mean, it's kind of like a candy, but not really.

- Note to self: buy cake.

- The bottom line is this looks AMAAAAAAZING!

What do you think of the new Wreck it Ralph trailer?

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