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Which Sidekick are You?

Which Sidekick are You?

Heroes are great, but very few of them manage to accomplish their epic feats of bravery alone. That's why we think it's time to honor the virtuosos of the second fiddle: Sidekicks. And what better way to do so than to ask you, dear Masterminds, which sidekick are you? Take our quiz to find out which wingman (or woman) you are, and just who your hero (or perhaps, your villain) is!

1. Your partner just got locked into his arch-nemesis' secret lair! What do you do?

a) Just as he is the silent protector of his city, so you are his silent watchman. You quietly followed him in as pre-arranged, and now you're ready to break him out. (1 point)

b) There's not a lot of places to break in, but luckily, you're small enough to get into the vents to rescue him. (2 points)

c) Oh that? His capture is a ruse. Your partner always has a trick up his sleeve. (3 points)

d) You'll just break down the front door. No biggie. (4 points)

e) He can find his own way out of the girl next door's house. (5 points)

2. You chose to be your partner's sidekick because...

a) You share his mischievous sense of humor. (3 points)

b) He saved your life. Plus, hanging out with him is a blast. (4 points)

c) You want to learn how to be a legend. (1 point)

d) You didn't choose him. He chose you. (5 points)

e) He's your best friend, and you would die defending him. (2 points)

3. Do you and your partner ever consider retiring from the heroism game?

a) With all those pesky supervillains still out on the loose? Not likely. (1 point)

b) With that pesky superhero still out on the loose? Not likely. (3 points)

c) You sleep all day while your partner's at school, then wander around in the woods once he's back, so you're pretty sure you're already retired.

d) Sure, but you'll always be around if you're needed. (4 points)

e) You want nothing more than to go back to your beautiful, rural village. But you have to save it first. (2 points)

4. Do you ever think of striking it out on your own, without your partner?

a) Literally impossible. (5 points)

b) No, though you fear that once your mission is completed, your partner might be the one to leave. (2 points)

c) And what, go back to your home planet? There's a whole galaxy to explore! (4 points)

d) And miss all the fun? Please don't kid around: jokes are your job. (3 points)

e) That's the goal for both of you. (1 point)

5. What's a strength you have that your partner doesn't?

a) You are way better looking. (3 points)

b) Modesty, sanity, stealth, optimism... the list truly goes on. (5 points)

c) Does "youth" count as a strength? (1 point)

d) Uh, strength. Crazy, inhuman, brute strength. (4 points)

e) You are way tougher, not that you'd brag about it. (2 points)

To find out which sidekick you are, add up your points and divide by 5! Round your number either up or down. If you got:

1: You are Robin! You are brave, agile, and heroic, and thankfully much more colorful than your mentor, Batman. And not only do you get to hang out with the coolest superhero in the biz, you are basically a younger version of him. Not to mention you get to hang out at Wayne Manor—not a bad deal!

2: You are Samwise Gamgee! You are loyal, kind, and easily the toughest hobbit in Middle Earth. Despite experiencing untold horrors for your friend Frodo, you persisted in the quest with optimism and courage. As Aragorn said, you bow to no one!

3. You are Harley Quinn! You are gorgeous, charming, playful, and... utterly bonkers. Like your boyfriend the Joker, you believe the best comedy is mean-spirited. I mean, it's not a punchline without a punch-up, right? Though you are truly mentally ill, we have to admit: you're the coolest evil sidekick ever!

4. You are Chewbacca! You are a talented pilot, a devoted friend, a veteran smuggler, and a seriously bad loser. Your best pal Han never has to worry about going solo, because you've always got his back. That is, so long as he lets the Wookiee win.

5. You are Hobbes! You are the best tiger a kid could ever want. You are smart, reflective, and an amazing stealth-pouncer. You help your pal Calvin put philosophical questions into perspective, all for a modest tuna can.

Which sidekick are you?

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