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What Type of Villain Are You?

What Type of Villain Are You?

So you know what kind of hero you are. But do you dare to delve into your dark side? Add up your score and see what sort of evil genius you jibe with.

1. You awake to a new day of wreaking havoc and menacing the townspeople. What will you wear?

a) A dark cape. A mask for your eyes. An aura of doom. What else? (1 point)

b) Why be conspicuous? A blazer and some loafers let you plot evil unnoticed. (2 points)

c) A sleek, breathable black bodysuit that enables full motion and wears comfortably beneath everyday clothes. (4 points)

d) A purple coat with long tails, a slather of frightening makeup, and a daisy for your breast pocket. A dead one. (3 points)

2. You meet the city’s hero in battle. How do you fight?

a) You’ve been preparing in secret for this moment. Time to pull out the deadly chemical concoctions and nifty throwing weapons! (2 points)

b) You use your ability to control earth’s elements to drown him with water from the city river. (1 point)

c) You trap him in a room with a time bomb. (3 points)

d) No need to fight! You can outwit him, getting what you want before he arrives on scene. But you leave something behind so that he knows he is too late. (4 points)

3. What is your motto?

a) Catch me if you can! (4 points)

b) Chaos is fun. (3 points)

c) Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. (2 points)

d) Evil wins in the end. (1 point)

4. Your evil plan is failing! What is your reaction?

a) Define “failing.” It’s not like you had a plan to begin with. (3 points)

b) He got you this time, but it isn’t fun if you never lose. You’ll win the next round. (4 points)

c) You cannot be defeated! NOOOOO! (1 point)

d) You can’t believe everyone had fallen for it, you scoff! (2 points)

Now add your points and divide by 4!

If your number is between 1 and 1.5, you are a super villain. You are the ultimate embodiment of evil, with superhuman powers to match those of your superhero opponent. The eternal rivalry between you and your righteous enemy results, in the words of The Dark Knight’s Joker, “when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”

If your number is between 1.6 and 2.5, you are a mole. A traitor is in our midst! A deceiver of the first rank, you prefer to get close to your enemy and destroy him with an inside job. You may pose as a friend, a sidekick, or even a mentor. Only watch out, lest the protagonist detect your treachery.

If your number is between 2.6 and 3.5, you are a psycho. You are the good guy’s worst nightmare, the haunt of horror movies, the purposeless evil-doer. Whether you have a creepy cackle and unblinking eyes or a deceptively calm and cool demeanor, your insanity makes your victims’ skin prickle with gooseflesh.

If your number is between 3.6 and 4, you are a gentleman (or lady) burglar. Even when you make off with the queen’s jewels, you’re polite enough to leave a clue to who you are and what you’ll do next. Perhaps you just like to mess with the hero’s mind, but the fact is you’ll choose the fun of a chase over sadistic slaughter any day.

Which type of villain are you?

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