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Amy Poehler Promotes Girl Power On Her Web Channel

Amy Poehler Promotes Girl Power On Her Web Channel

Although the web is slowly but surely striking a balance between the male/female presence throughout its hallowed cyber-halls, it still could use a strong shot of girl power. Enter Amy Poehler and friends with Smart Girls At the Party! And just what is this thing with such a tantalizing name? Well it's an awesome web series created by Poehler and her two BFFs Amy Miles and Merdith Walker.

Its goal is to celebrate "extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves," and according to Poehler, it's also "a celebration of real friendship, real fellowship, and kind of just the community of girls.” Although the series launched in 2008, the site and it's sister YoutTube page SmartGirls, have recently picked up steam on this awesome project, and are now pumping out awesome video after awesome video these days with Parks and Rec star Poehler herself submitting two vids a week. In a recent video, Amy gives a female viewer really great, super earnest advice on how to improve her relationship with her sister. No bits here! Just really heartfelt words of encouragement.

The channel is way more than just a channel for Amy to hang out and be awesome, though. It delves into all sorts of fun stuff: there's "Meow Music," headed by SmartGirls' musical director Amy Miles, which shines a light on all sorts of girl-centric bands, "Boys Corner," that gives us a quick word from dudes like Jason Bateman and Fred Armisan, as well as "Girls of the World," which gives us a taste of what's going on in the lives of young girls in all corners of the globe.

The focal point of the channel, though, are a series of interviews featuring all three of the SmartGirls team, with Poehler in the duty of host, as she interviews all different kinds of extraordinary young women. The format is simple: Poehler sits down with girls of all sorts, sometimes, pre-teens and sometimes adults, and talks with them about their interests, aspirations and goals in life. When interviewing adults. the interviewees are successful young women in fascinating niche fields like archeologists, triathaletes, and even horse therapists. Yup, horse therapists! Every girl has a unique point of view and an endearing charm, and refreshingly, they always seem to work against the feminine stereotypes that pervade the net and entertainment alike. And on top of all that, every episode ends with a totally off the hook dance party. Seriously, how cool is this:

So check out this awesome channel, and if you have a YouTube account, subscribe!

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