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Transmedia Tuesday: Are You Willing to Serve the One Percent?

Transmedia Tuesday: Are You Willing to Serve the One Percent?


No, we’re not talking about the wealthiest 1% that the Occupy Wall Street movement has fixated on (at least not really). We are talking about the fictional 1% that runs the world in the new Cinemax series Hunted. More about the show in a moment, but the reason we are here is to point your eager peepers over to, the website of the uber-elite fictional security firm Byzantium Security, and the kickoff point of the Hunted viral marketing campaign.

The real fun is at Here you will be given a 5-part personality test to determine if you are Byzantium Security material. (Their motto is, "We're not for everyone, just the 1% that matters.") Trust us on this; take the test, play along, and stick with it to the end. The test itself is cool and a bit unsettling, and while your mileage may vary, for us the end was pretty incredible. We are dying to get some feedback from you guys in the comments section below.

We don’t want to drop any spoilers about the transmedia experience (because watching it unfold is the fun of it), so let’s take a quick look at the show itself. Hunted follows Samantha Hunter (Melissa George), a Byzantium agent who believes her own people are responsible for trying to have her killed a year ago. Now she’s back and looking to uncover the people who tried to bump her off. You can check out the trailer here:

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this plot sounds a little familiar, but before you write the show off as another secret-agent-looking-for-justice story, it’s worth keeping in mind that Hunted has some things going for it. First, because it’s a tv series, it doesn’t have to wrap the plot up in a neat 90-minute bow. Second, because it’s on Cinemax it can get as gritty as it wants without the risk of being censored. Third, it’s a dual production being made to play on the BBC as well as in the United States, and that’s worked well in the past (Battlestar Galactica, for example).

Take the personality test and let us know what your results were below!

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