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Why Girls Should Play Magic: The Gathering

Why Girls Should Play Magic: The Gathering

In case you haven’t heard, Magic: The Gathering is kind of a big deal. It’s so popular, in fact, that it rivals and even surpasses the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons. But be warned, one does not simply jump into playing Magic. It’s a bit more complicated (and sometimes much more expensive) than your average card game. So how does a game gain such popularity if the start up is so involved and why should girls specifically get into it? Simple—it’s totally worth it. Here's why:

Card Collection

Maybe you’re a shoe person, or a Gearpunk gatherer, or maybe you’ve got a massive hoard of action figures. Whatever floats your boat, the fact is we like collecting nifty, unique, or pretty things. Guess what? Magic cards are so much more than mere game accessories. Some of them are rare, most of them are pretty, and game shops keep them behind a glass case to be viewed like gleaming bejeweled treasures.

The Perfect Date

What better way to show off your tactical shrewdness and smack talking vocabulary than a friendly game of Magic? Most game shops have open gaming where you can duel to your heart’s content, and it’s an easy, low pressure environment to get to know your crush. Wink from across the table, flourish your deck with delicate dexterity, and kick his cute little butt so he knows exactly what kind of planeswalker he’s dealing with. And hey, listen to this somewhat unsupported fun fact: Building a strong Magic deck is directly correlated with building a strong relationship! Who knows? Maybe come Valentine’s Day he’ll present you with a Primordial Hydra in a classy black box.

Strategic Competition

Guys are stereotypically considered as the more aggressive sex, but let’s be frank, shall we? Girls aren’t necessarily less aggressive, we’re just more strategic about how we get what we want. While a guy might opt to have it out in a brawl, a girl might step back and calculate how to swing the situation in her favor. It’s a double edged sword, a superpower to be used for good or evil. With enough skill, we can swing a conversation with a deftly emphasized phrase, or maneuver our way out of a pickle with a few cute quips. Unfortunately this kind of conniving can lead to holding grudges, and pit us against other nerdy girls when we should be sticking together. Well, Magic promotes strategic competition in a safe, sportsmanlike setting. Keep it fun, and don’t become a supervillain!

Natural Multitasking

It’s no secret that girls tend to be naturally better at multitasking than boys. As it turns out, planeswalkers do an awful lot of that. You’ve got several different cards on the table doing any number of things. Some change the powers of additional cards, and others don’t even have an effect until someone else makes a move. You have to keep track of them all, and keep that information in your working memory in order to plan your attacks and defenses. It’s a great way to stretch your brain and get your problem-solving skills going.

Convenience: It Fits in Your Purse!

A Magic duel is no more cumbersome than a game of Go Fish. All you need is a stack of cards! Sure, you want to put in a decent amount of preparation when it comes to building your deck, but once you’ve got that, you can pop your deck into your messenger bag, backpack, or pocket, and doesn’t take up much more room than a cell phone. Take it to school, the coffee shop, or the doctor’s office waiting room, because you never know when you’re going to run into a fellow geek. And maybe, just maybe, he’ll be kinda cute.

Do you think you would ever play Magic: the Gathering?

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