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The 5 Grossest Movie Monsters Ever!

The 5 Grossest Movie Monsters Ever!

Movie monsters, by definition, must be either mega-gross or hyper-scary in order to be effective and appropriately terrifying. Some, a la Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Jigsaw from the Saw movies, are considered monsters because of their sadistic actions or their 3rd degree burn scars. Others just ooze nastiness, often literally. So, in honor of these oozing nasties, we’ve decided to celebrate cinema’s most disgusting movie monsters ever! Here are the five3 whose utter grossness left us cringing, in need of a shower, or unable to finish our popcorn and M&M’s:

The Creature from Cloverfield:

Covered in spider-like parasites that leap like Olympians and have a tendency to find and trap their victims, the Cloverfield monster is as terrifying as they come. It’s also 20+ stories tall, and has a set of chompers that would make the Rancor from Return of the Jedi run and hide. It’s resistance to weapons make it scary; it’s parasites and their bites make it gross. Thankfully, this hideous beast is kept hidden for much of the film!

The Alien from Aliens

Face-hugger. Chest-burster. Literal heart-stopper. Those are just a few forms this formidable killing machine that spawned several sequels (and crossovers! Hello, AVP and Prometheus) takes. It’s nastiness was established the second it burst out of John Hurt’s chest cavity in the 1979 original. Few movie aliens have been as utterly terrifying—or as u-g-l-y since!

The Predator from Predator:

No, it’s not John Travolta in Battlefield Earth, although we’re sure that mistake has been made before. It’s something even scarier! Nothing about the Predator is fun to look at. His eyes look like pellets of hell fire. His mouth looks ripe for eating children, and like many of his cinematic monster brethren, the Predator has major drooling and oozing issues. We’re thinking he ate whomever beat him up with the ugly stick and has continued terrorizing ever since!

Pizza the Hutt from Spaceballs:

While some might argue that Pizza isn’t technically a monster, we beg to differ. He’s a huge blob of evil up to no good. He is also one of the more disgusting cinematic creations ever, because he ruins lives and appetites. Chunks of greasy cheese and pepperoni fall off his frame and plop to the ground when he’s carrying on conversations, and it doesn’t even make us want pizza! It makes us wanna hold the delivery order! The grossest thing about him? He ate himself to death!

Jeff Goldblum in The Fly:

When he’s human, he’s fine. But it’s the turning-into-a-fly-metamorphoses thing that makes Jeff Goldblum’s character lose-your-lunch gross. When man becomes fly in a science experiment gone awry, his skin turns to blisters that burst and bleed, he vomits a pus-like substance, and eventually stores his body parts—which keep falling off—in a drawer. Yuck. Straight up yuck! He isn’t a monster in the traditional sense, but his transformation into one is pretty dang horrific.

Which movie monster do you think is the grossest ever?

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