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The 6 Greatest Cat Videos of All Time!

The 6 Greatest Cat Videos of All Time!

For centuries, one solitary question has festered within the hearts of man and womankind alike: "What's more entertaining? Cats or Dogs?" Well, thanks to the internet that burning question has been laid to rest. It's clearly cats! Sorry, poochies, you're really cool and all, but when it comes to adorably fuzzy, mindless entertainment, cats just rule! You say you need proof? Seriously? You're not just going to take our word for it? Well ok—to prove our hypothesis, we submit to you our definitive list of the six greatest cat videos of all time!!!

1. Kitty Takes A Shower

Most cats can't stand the water, but this lil' guy breaks all preconceived cat-stereotypes and dunks his head over and over again. As awesome as it is each time he crouches under the faucet, the funniest part is definitely how he laps up the droplets as they cascade down his furry little head. If I owned that cat, the faucet would be on twenty-four-seven in my house. I'd rack up a ten thousand dollar water bill, but it would be worth it.

2. Hitchcock's Ninja Cat

Hitchcock Ninja Cat knows your every move. Hitchcock Ninja Cat moves like a ghost's shadow through the night. Hitchcock Ninja Cat hunts you down and pounces upon you, and when he has you in his evil grip, he... just kind of stares at you with his adorable eyes and runs away.

3. Maru and the Diet 77 Box

Meet Maru, one of the most amazingly talented cats on the internet. Maru likes jumping through boxes. Nuff said!

4. Keyboard Cat

Yes, you've probably seen him a billion times by now, but how could we possibly leave him off the list? Especially since he's influenced so many musicians over the years, like Cat Power, Cat Stevens and the Stray Cats. Wow, it's amazing how cat videos are such a powerful art-form that they could influence artists before the internet...

5. OMG Cat

We're not sure what it is, but something is really freaking out this cat!

6. Standing Cat

Oh, ok, this must be what OMG Cat is getting so excited about!

Did we miss any amazing cat videos?

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