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Top 5 Reasons Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Should Be President

Top 5 Reasons Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Should Be President

The current presidential race seems like it's been dragging on for years. We know the candidates, we know the issues. Blah. What it really could use is some new blood, someone completely different to shake things up. We nominate Neil deGrasse Tyson for the following reasons.

(1) He can explain really, really complicated concepts without being patronizing

Let's face it: science, especially physics, can be incredibly hard to understand. If you've ever tried to explain string theory to someone (or tried to teach yourself about it), you know how difficult it is. What Neil deGrasse Tyson does exceptionally well is that he takes these ridiculously complex ideas and breaks them down piece by piece, so that even if you don't have a scientific background, you can actually get what he's saying. And what's more, while he does dumb concepts down, he doesn't make you feel like an idiot because you're not a scientist. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and the president has to do it a lot. It's an incredibly hard job, but often, the success and failure of a presidency goes hand-in-hand with whether that president can explain what he (or she!) is doing to the American people. For Tyson? Not a problem.

(2) He's fun.

A good personality is key to being president; people don't really want to vote for someone they don't like. It's one of the problems Mitt Romney's having now — he comes across as wooden and stiff. People don't feel like they know him, which affects how likeable he is, which affects his chances of being elected. If you've watched Neil deGrasse Tyson even just for a minute, you know he doesn't have that problem. He's personable and absolutely hilarious. Who wouldn't want that person in the Oval Office?

(3) He's smart.

People sometimes underestimate the value of having a smart president. It's difficult to understand the backlash against education among some of the populace; don't you want your president to be smarter than you? After all, he's making decisions that have the potential to change the world. And no one can argue that Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't smart. I mean, he's an astrophysicist. That pretty much goes hand-in-hand with smart.

(4) He's incredibly enthusiastic.

Neil deGrasse Tyson loves science. He loves science so much he wants everyone else to love science. He spends his days and nights trying to explain science to people and make it interesting, so that they love science as much as he does. And he's incredibly good at it. Tyson's enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, which would be great when applied to the presidency. Apathy seems to be the going word when it comes to politics, especially if you look at voter turnout. What would it be like if we had a president who was so excited about the country that he got everyone else excited about it too? The answer: awesome.

(5) He's not afraid to take a stand.

This is the man who, by and large, got Pluto kicked out of the planet club. Clearly, Neil deGrasse Tyson is not afraid of standing up for what he thinks, even if that idea's unpopular. Presidents have to make unpopular decisions all the time; they have information we don't. It's easy to pander or to do what's easy, ensuring you'll be reelected and the people will lurve you. It's a lot harder to do what's right (and yes, we are saying that demoting Pluto was right. See, we're not afraid to take a stand either!), and Tyson's already proven he's up to the challenge.

What do you think? Would Neil deGrasse Tyson make the best president ever? And if not, who do you suggest instead?

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