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Rejected David Blaine Stunt Ideas

Rejected David Blaine Stunt Ideas

Endurance artist and illusionist David Blaine has confounded many over the years with stunts that have astonished some and left yet countless others wondering "Hey, how the heck does that even quailfy as magic?" Now he is set to attempt what will perhaps be known the mother of all his quasi-magical stunts: "hanging out next to two giant Tesla coils and getting shocked by them for a very long time." Now maybe we're giving Blaine a hard time here, this might be cool, but given his dubious track record you can't blame us for being skeptical. His history also begs the question, "if these are the stunts he's attempted, then just what ideas has he rejected over the years?"

Well amazingly Mindhut has attained a secret list that allows us to take a glimpse into the magic tricks that Blaine almost gave us over the years and that frankly we're glad he backed out of:

David Blaine Pulls a Rabbit Out of His Hat For Two Weeks

This little stunt would have involved Blane pulling a rabbit out of a top hat in super-slow-motion over the course of a two week period while being suspended in a glass box—because everything is cooler when it's done inside a glass box. Unfortunately the idea never came to fruition due to protests held by Peta who asserted that it was cruel and inhumane to subject a poor defenseless animal to such long term boredom.

David Blaine vs. The Chamber of Spam

In a Harry Houdini like feat Blaine would be encased in an enclosed fortress made entirely of Spam with no other option but to eat his way out. Sadly this trick came to an unexpected end while Blaine was in training for the event and was rushed to the hospital for morbid obesity and "really, really bad heartburn."

David Blaine's Got Your Nose

Blaine was set to revolutionize the world of magic by attempting to perform the kind-of-sort-of magic tricks that everybody learns to do by the time they're five. This idea was shelved however in the early 2000's when Blaine was hanging out with Michael Jackson and tragically actually got his nose.

David Blaine Doesn't Shave or Bathe or Change His Clothes For Fifteen Years

This stunt that never saw the light of day was a passion project for Blaine. The illusionist saw it as "The ultimate synthesis of his work involving doing mundane things that take a really long time." Sadly this project was cut short just one year into the it's execution when Blaine was mistakingly pushed into a car wash conveyor belt and was left squeaky clean and inexplicably sporting a tuxedo and a fresh shave.

David Blaine Tries to Hang Out With Leonardo DiCaprio Again

Blaine has attempted this trick approximately sixty-seven times since the early 2000s. This amazing stunt involves Blaine leaving ominous messages on DiCaprio's answering machine and sometime emailing him saying things like to "What's up, Bro. Long time no see." and "I really dug Blood Diamond, hey let's hang out again." The completion of this trick may come about at some point in the future but it's entirely reliant on DiCaprio picking up his phone by mistake.

What trick would you like to see David Blaine attempt?

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