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5 Video Game Characters We Want in "Wreck-It Ralph"

5 Video Game Characters We Want in "Wreck-It Ralph"


Just in case it wasn’t readily apparent, we at The MindHut are crazy for all things Wreck-It Ralph. Heck, you’ll probably catch us camping out in a shanty town outside of the theater the night before November 2nd so we can be the first ones inside! But alas, for all our sheer exuberance, the announcement made this past summer that Mario wouldn’t be in the film has still left us reeling. To help get our minds off the bitter disappointment, we got together and compiled a list of other video game characters we’d like to see rub pixelated elbows with Ralph and the rest of the film’s cast!

5) Bubsy

Poor, poor Bubsy. You tried so hard to be like Mario and Sonic and now look where it got you—nowhere. Bubsy the bobcat was one of many video game characters during the ‘90s vying for the same level of success as Nintendo and Sega’s most popular mascots, but he quickly fell into relative obscurity before the new millennium. It’d be great to see Bubsy facilitate a support group for forgotten game characters that follows Ralph’s “Bad-Anon” meeting. Who would attend? Titus the Fox and the Battletoads to name a few.

4) The Duck Hunt Dog

Judging by the movie trailer, Ralph’s going to be pretty glum about his station in life as a “bad guy" for a good part of the film, and the last thing he’d need is someone finding humor in his situation—enter the dog from Duck Hunt and his trademark laugh. We can really see him popping out of a trash can or from behind a wall to rudely point and snicker. But knowing Ralph, he’d definitely give the rapscallion rover his overdue comeuppance. The entire audience would stand up and cheer, we assure you.

3) Tron

“Tron’s not a video game character, he’s from a movie! Do your research, MindHut!” That’s probably what some of you are thinking right now, but there was actually an arcade game based on Tron featuring the eponymous character. So he more than qualifies. Having said that, Tron could not only act as a friend of Ralph’s since they’re both ‘80s arcade game characters, but he’d also be one heck of a cross-promotion for Disney. And, if by some miracle, he does appear in the film, we want him voiced by Bruce Boxleitner—the actor who played Tron. Don't disappoint us a second time, Disney!

2) Donkey Kong

Ralph and his rivalry with Fix-It Felix Jr. is based heavily on the old school feud between Mario and his erstwhile nemesis Donkey Kong; both are hulking brutes that make life miserable for blue-collar workers with a huge hero complex. But unlike Ralph, Donkey Kong shifted from the villain scene to the side of the angels—and it's stuck til this very day. As such, it would be funny to see Ralph have a tinge of jealously towards D.K. since the big ape is seen more as a hero these days and is a household name. Wouldn’t mind the pair flinging digs at each other when they meet.

1) Peppy Hare

Four words: “Do a barrel roll!” Thank you and good night.

Which video game character would you want to see in Wreck-It Ralph?

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