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Awesome Doctor Who TOYS!

Awesome Doctor Who TOYS!

Much like other geek stalwarts such as Star Wars and Lord of The Rings there is a wealth of awesome Doctor Who related merchandise, and much of the awesome collectables are TOYS! We’ve assembled this handy dandy list of of our all-time favorite Doctor Who goodies for your collecting pleasure. It’s time to straighten that bow tie, put on your fez, and get down to the business of all things Who!

The Flesh Goo Pond

A toy equally disgusting and inventive, it's enough to make even your strongest stomached sibling feel nauseous. A sinister, viscous mess of goo complete with random victim body parts. Relive everyone's favorite Series 6 episode, “The Rebel Flesh”, over and over again! (Probably a good idea to keep it away from pets, though).

Doctor Who In Your Pocket

Keep all your favorite Whovian sounds in your pocket when you’re far away from home (and your TV). This pocket quote machine includes phrases from Daleks, Cyberman, and everyone’s favorite robotic dog, K-9. It even features the classic TARDIS materialization sound! It’s like travelling with The Doctor’s friends and foes—without actually going anywhere. Super handy when you’ve got to be back at school the next day and don’t have any time for interplanetary travel in the schedule.

Doctor Who Night Light

Trouble with Weeping Angel related night terrors? Dalek in your closet? Never fear! With the handy and stylish Doctor Who TARDIS Night Light, you can sleep soundly knowing you're safe from all manner of Whovian beastie (Yeah, we know.. it’s not strictly a toy, but it is AWESOMETACULAR!).

Doctor Who Bump ‘n Go Cybermat

Ahh, Cybermats. Everyone’s favorite little plague carrying energy thieves. With the Doctor Who Bump ‘n Go Cybermat, you can have hours of fun reenacting the Series 6 episode, “Closing Time” (Or “Tomb of the Cybermen”, if you’re more of a Second Doctor fan).

Doctor Who TARDIS Tent

Here’s a piece of Whovian merch for all you roleplaying enthusiasts. It’s the Doctor Who TARDIS Tent*! Step inside and experience the wonder of your very own time traveling telephone box. It may not include your very own time-traveling companions, but it will look super cool sitting in the corner of your bedroom or office! (*Disclaimer: Swimming pool and library optional... may not be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside).

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

No Doctor Who toy list would be complete without a replica of the latest Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. It’s the kind of tool you need for all eventualities, time travel or otherwise. Unlock doors, scramble Centauran circuitry, and defeat an army of Daleks, all without breaking a sweat. It’s the Gallifreyan version of the swiss army knife, and no self-respecting Whovian should be caught dead without one.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor and Amy Action Figure Set

Do you remember the first time you watched the very first Eleventh Doctor episode? The Doctor stealing a tweed jacket and bow tie from the hospital lockers? Amy kitted out in her kiss-o-gram outfit? Rory’s coma patient troubles? Ah, memories!  Relive them again and again with this awesomesauce Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor and Amy action figure set! It’s The Doctor in his hospital-shoplifted finest! It’s Amy in her kiss-o-gram outfit! It’s a replica of the TARDIS! No Rory action figure, but that’s okay. They have finally released one, but sadly it looks a little too much like Late Late Show host, Craig Ferguson*. That’s what the Twitterverse would deem a “#FAIL,” Masterminds!

Doctor Who Rory Williams Action Figure

*Yeaaaah, we weren’t kidding.

What's your favorite Doctor Who toy?

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