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The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Death Scenes of All Time

The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Death Scenes of All Time

Recently, the internet crowned a particular death scene from the little known Turkish film Karate Girl as the all-time worst death scene caught on celluloid. The utter crappitude of this clip cannot be argued. It is, pound for pound, the most poorly shot and ridiculously unremitting death scene ever, and by our estimation the internet definitely got this one right. If you don't believe us just take a look for yourself.

Well, although this mini-masterpiece of so bad it's good cinema deserves all the accolades it's recently received, there are many other truly horrible death scenes of note that have yet to be recognized within the annals of Z-grade moviedom. So for a moment, put on that imaginary tuxedo or Vera Wang dress and join us for the festivities of the first Mindhut crazy movie death awards!

1. Best Martial Arts Related Death: Enter The Ninja!

Although Kung-Fu films have provided us with enough hilarious deaths to warrant an awards ceremony of its own, this little sixteen second gem is in a league of its own. Every death scene should end with a shrug.

2. Best Death Scene featuring Mullets, Blowup-Dolls, and a Bazooka: Hard Ticket To Hawaii!

For the uninitiated, Andy Sidaris is one of the premiere directors in the world bottom of the barrel action movies, and this probably stands as his most glorious minute and a half. Seriously, you have no idea what you are in for…

3. Most Egregious Use of Terrible Special Effects: Shark Attack 3: Megalodon!

This clip is just the death scene that keeps on giving. It's in fact a succession of death scenes and each one outdoes the last in terms of its embarrassingly craptastic effects. After this one, you won't fear sharks, you'll fear bad CGI.

4. Most Ridiculous Death in a Bond Film Ever: Live and Let Die!

After trapping a random toughie inside a nuclear warhead, Bond and Mr.Big (aka Roger Moore and Yaphet Koto) engage in some surprisingly clumsy hand to hand, and the scuffle takes them into shark infested waters. Bond has his way with Big, and for a moment, we are set up for what appears to be a gruesome impending death—instead we get this.

What's your favorite hilarious death scene?

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