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5 Gruesomely Weird Body Modifications

5 Gruesomely Weird Body Modifications

History’s greatest thinkers will tell you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But if they were to see Japan’s unsettling bagel forehead “beauty” trend, they might be convinced to renounce that statement. For those of you who don’t know—oh, how we envy you—sporting a bagel forehead involves the injection of saline into the skin which causes it to swell. From there, the injector gingerly presses his or her thumb into the welt-like protrusion’s center creating the distinguished bagel-shaped bump before you. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to stomach such a disturbing cosmetic procedure, though. Check out these five other gruesomely weird body modifications sure to leave you nauseous and ruin any job interview!

1) Teeth Sharpening

The practice of filing down one’s teeth until they’re sharp historically had its basis in religious ceremonies or rites of passage for many cultures dating back thousands of years. But today it has become a body modification guaranteed to give your dentist the shock of his or her life. And unlike the other bizarre cosmetic procedures to follow on this list, this is the only one that lets you look like Christopher Walken as the sharp-toothed hessian from Sleepy Hollow.

2) Scarification

An allergy to ink preventing you from getting that wicked ALF tattoo? If you really want to stand out from your inked buddies, scarification is for you! Scarification is—as its name implies—involves scratching or cutting designs into the top layer of the skin. After the skin heals from the painful procedure, it leaves behind an ornate scar. Your parents will be so proud.

3) Pierced Glasses

For those constantly losing their glasses or outgrowing their old pair, there’s a money-saving, albeit painful, solution in the form of pierced glasses! Since there are no frames, lenses are inserted into two metal piercings attached to the bridge of the nose. The piercings are even on a flip-up hinge like those sunglasses the cool characters wear in all those ‘80s and ‘90s movies. Except in the movies, the characters don't have glass frames screwed into their heads.

4) Eyeball Jewelry

The last thing anyone wants is something in their eye, but apparently there are those that actually do—as long as it's fashionable. Pioneered in the Netherlands in 2002, eyeball jewelry (a.k.a extraocular implant) involves the precise placement of a small trinket within the eye’s interpalpebral conjunctiva (the membrane lining the inside of the eyelids and covering the sclera). While it may be trendy for a small few, it must be a nightmare putting up with a fusillade of people saying, “I think there’s something in your eye.”

5) Elf Ears

You speak fluent elvish, your bow and arrow skills are at best passable, and you dyed your hair bleach blonde. Yet people refuse to take you seriously. That’s because you’re missing the one essential element in your vicarious lifestyle—the pointy ears! The reportedly painful procedure involves the cutting away of cartilage to achieve this desired shape. But there are risks involved that have led to elf ears becoming controversial in the eyes of medical experts. Namely deformation of the ear and the very possible risk of infection. Maybe you should stick with the “Big Budget Fantasy Movie” plastic elf ears they sell at the drugstore during Halloween.

Did we miss any?

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