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Emma Stone Gets Primitive In The Croods!

Emma Stone Gets Primitive In The Croods!


Emma Stone and company are hitting the stone age for Dreamworks next big budget animated feature, The Croods! This prehistoric fantasy features Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Nicolas Cage as a tightly knit family of cave people that set upon a wild adventure when they are forced to venture beyond the safe confines of their cave. Check out the trailer with us!

Now a few stray observations, remarks and burning questions:

- Are we the only ones that find it odd that they'd have teddy bears at the dawn of human history? I mean if they can figure out how to sew that well, don't you think they would have at least discovered other stuff too, like… the wheel?

- Seems like there's a bit of a Brave thing going on with Emma Stone's character here: the whole "loves her family, but has to break out of the routine and do her own thing" thing.

- At about the 1:45 mark, it gets real Avatar. Is that a giant flying turtle? We didn't read about those in science class!

- Fireworks? What? That indicates that man has developed the technology of gun powder. It looks really cool and all, but we're even more confused about this than we were the teddy bear!

- After checked the IMDB page, it appears that one of the writer/directors has The Lion King, Aladdin, and How to Train Your Dragon on his resume, so that's promising.

So, overall we think this looks super promising. Guess we'll just have to wait till 2013 to see if the movie lives up to the trailer!

What do you think about the trailer for The Croods?

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