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New Porcupine-Esque Dinosaur Discovered

New Porcupine-Esque Dinosaur Discovered

Just when paleontologists were getting a little too complacent thinking they had discovered every dinosaur known to man, it turns out they actually missed one right under their collective noses—the long unclassified fossil remains of a bristle-backed little critter so awesomely bizarre, that it would make Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park punch a hole through his hat in a fit of jealous rage over not making the discovery himself. Keep reading for more on this unique (and spiky) addition to the ever-growing family of dinosaurs.

Sounding more like the name of a prescription for restless leg syndrome, Pegomastax (full name Pegomastax africanus) was discovered by University of Chicago’s resident dinosaur hunter, Paul “Coolest job in the world” Sereno. According to an article published by CNN, Sereno says that Pegomastax was a small, bipedal dinosaur with a series of porcupine-like spikes running down its back—hence the references made to the prickly rodent.

Spikes aside, the most startling feature on Pegomastax is the set of sharp canine teeth inside its parrot-like beak. Even though the teeth might suggest otherwise, Sereno says that Pegomastax was strictly a plant eater with an affinity for fruit. In addition, the teeth might have also been used as a means of natural defense or to fight off rival male Pegomastax during mating seasons.

One thing’s for sure, geneticists better get to work on cloning this bad boy. Pegomastax would make the coolest pet!

What do you think of Pegomastax?

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