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The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 5: Gandalf versus Professor X!

The MindHut SCIFI SMACKDOWN 5: Gandalf versus Professor X!

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As expected, the fourth MindHut Smackdown between River Tam and Buffy Summer—Whedon's warrior women!—was seriously close. In fact, it was won by only a single point. Dearest Masterminds, River defeated Buffy, with a vote count of 10 to 9.

I know, I know, it's hard to imagine Buffy Summers ever being defeated, and her defenders made excellent points. As Chance-or-Choice said, Buffy has proved herself against all manner of different opponents, each more frightening than the last, and other members of Team Summers cited River's lack of stability as too much of a weak point. However Team Tam countered that River fights when she has to, and a vampire slayer attack would be just the trigger to kick her into gear. Also, as Miki-ayla argued, vampires and demons have nothing on a gang of Reavers, not to mention that River's telepathic abilities would always put her one step ahead of her opponent.

Team Summers: rest assured that your lady will resurrect herself soon enough, but for now, River Tam will be the one moving forward to fight another day.

And now, for your reading pleasure,  we move on to a new challenge that we simply couldn't resist: the showdown between a wise, old wizard, and a wise, old mutant.


Gandalf Stats

Species: Istari.

Occupation: Wizard. Balrog destroyer. Fireworks engineer.

Powers: Magic (duh), invincibility to weapons, the ability to resurrect himself, pyrotechnics, the best horse in Middle Earth, a kick-butt staff, and the powerful Elven sword Glamdring. He's also a very artistic pipe-smoker.

Weaknesses: The One Ring. It's Galdalf's kryptonite. You all remember that look in his eye when he gazed upon it in The Fellowship of the Ring. The reason Frodo was forced to bear it was because Gandalf knew it would corrupt everyone else, including himself.

Personal Beliefs: Humans are ok, but hobbits are way better.

Aliases: Mithrandir, Greyhame, StormCrow, Olorin, The White Rider.


Professor X Stats

Species: Mutant (telepath).

Occupation: Leader of the X-Men, founder of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, professor, political advisor, advocate for mutant rights, geneticist (taking a break to breathe), psychologist, peace-activist...

Powers: Mind-reading, the ability to induce delusions in the minds of others, controlling the motions of others, and "mental bolts" that can stun or knock out his opponents. You do not want to find yourself in a tussle with Professor X's brain.

Weaknesses: A spinal cord injury has confined him to a wheelchair.

Personal Beliefs: Xavier has based his whole life around his conviction that peace between humans and mutants is possible.

Aliases: Charles Francis Xavier, Prisoner M-13, Bald Phoenix, Good Shepherd.

Quote: "The greatest power on Earth is the magnificent power we all of us possess... the power of the human brain!"

So who will it be? The White Rider or the Good Shepherd? The maker of magic or the master of minds? Vote in the comments!

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