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J.K. Rowling Talks About Her Next Book!

J.K. Rowling Talks About Her Next Book!


It's official! J.K. will be leaving the adult world behind (at least for her next book) and returning right back to where we need her: writing for children. Or grown up children, in some cases. Actually, in many cases.

Okay, most cases, if we're being honest.

Look, we want Ms. Rowling to write whatever she likes (and we're assuming she really, really likes the 124,603 copies of The Casual Vacancy that sold during its debut), but we want more of that magical, childhood-y goodness that she imbued to all of the Potter books.

She's being very cryptic about her next book so far. This is what she said, verbatim, during a talk at the Cheltenham Literature Festival:

"The next thing I write, or the next thing I publish, will be for children."
"I know what my next book for adults will be. I have a number for children I'm working on."

So, does that mean that she may have ALREADY written a book, and she's just been waiting to publish it? Could that mean that it might be something from the Potterverse? Perhaps tying up some loose ends at Hogwarts!?

She did also mention that the next book will be aimed at kids younger than those she wrote the Harry Potter series for. But knowing J.K. Rowling, the characters will be so awesomely amazing that the book will transcend age!

What do you think the book will be about?

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