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We Have a Sneak Peek of the Never Before Seen JRR Tolkien Book!

We Have a Sneak Peek of the Never Before Seen JRR Tolkien Book!

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There will be great rejoicing in Geekdom! J.R.R. Tolkien is back from the dead! Or at least the next best thing is happening in May of 2013: a never-before-seen Tolkien book will be released.

Publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt announced Sunday that it now has the rights to publish the 954-line poem called “The Fall of Arthur.” Rumor has it this poem immortalizes the last days of King Arthur and will be edited by Tolkien’s son Christopher, who will also add commentary and notes. For his 200-page book, Tolkien drew inspiration from Geoffrey of Monmouth and Thomas Malory’s tales of King Arthur. Tolkien’s poem focuses on the greying king’s battle to defend his country against Mordred the usurper. No bigs.

The last Tolkien work discovered was “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun,” which released in 2009. The Lord of the Rings author died in 1973, but his legacy lives on in his fiction that permanently changed and shaped the fantasy genre.

Here is a sneak peek the poem’s opening lines:

"Arthur eastward in arms purposed
his war to wage on the wild marches,
over seas sailing to Saxon lands,
from the Roman realm ruin defending.
Thus the tides of time to turn backward
and the heathen to humble, his hope urged him,
that with harrying ships they should hunt no more
on the shining shores and shallow waters
of South Britain, booty seeking."

So do I even have to ask—ARE YOU EXCITED??

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