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The Insanely Life-Like Art of Daniel Bradatanu

Daniel Bradatanu


MH: What can we expect from you down the line? What other applications of your work are you looking to get into in the future?

DB: I will definitely stick to caricatures and digital artwork in the future, aiming to perfect my technique and achieve higher quality within my art. I am also going to start doing caricature commissions so that I can get a feel of how this career would be like. I will also continue with my DeviantArt and YouTube accounts, allowing people to contact me and ask me for tips or advice. I also wish to further expand my range of styles in the future, because I always wanted to get into comics or cartoons.

Tags: movies, games, batman, art, life, the dark knight, the avengers, spider-man, the hulk, caricatures, the expendables, black ops

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Vadim Newquist is a writer, director, actor, animator, fire fighter, stunt driver, martial arts instructor, snake wrangler and time traveling bounty hunter who scales tall buildings with his bare hands and wrestles sharks in his spare time. He can do ten consecutive backflips in one jump, make cars explode with his mind, and can give fifty people a high-five at once without even lifting his hands. He holds multiple PhDs in nuclear physics, osteopathic medicine, behavioral psychology, breakdancing, and chilling out. He currently resides in Gotham City inside his stately mansion with his butler Alfred and his two cats.

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