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Top 5 Geekiest Web Comic Strips

Top 5 Geekiest Web Comic Strips

Forget the Sunday paper! Nowadays the funniest comic strips can only be found on the web. And it should come as no surprise that a majority of them cater to the geeky masses since they’re made by, well, geeks. So check out The MindHut’s picks for the 5 geekiest web comic strips (aside from Penny Arcade)!

Disclaimer: we at The MindHut are not speaking less of Penny Arcade by any means. We’re merely presenting more entertainment options for your consideration.

5) It Sucks to be Weegie!

It ain’t easy being green... or player 2... or living in the cold shadow of your famous older brother. In a series that should appeal to the sibling who was always given the second controller, It Sucks to be Weegie! follows the day-to-day emotional struggles of Mario’s less-famous brother Luigi. From awkward conversations to unknowingly blowing a potential date with Samus Aran, Luigi is like a green cloud of sad that drifts aimlessly in the wind. We’d like to see things go Luigi’s way for once, but where would we get our daily dose of schadenfreude?

4) Garfield Minus Garfield

Yes, it’s blatant copyright infringement, but Garfield Minus Garfield has run with a pretty simple concept and taken the internet by storm. Basically, it's a Garfield with the title character completely removed, thus making his owner, John, look like a raving and emotionally unstable lunatic talking to people that aren’t even there. Kind of makes you wish you didn’t wait so long to start your Ziggy Sans Ziggy web comic, huh?

3) Awkward Zombie

Although the title seems to suggest otherwise, Awkward Zombie has very little to do with a socially inept revenant. But that isn’t to say the web comic series isn’t worth your precious geek time. Awkward Zombie rips apart Nintendo games with its arsenal of sarcastic observational humor and inside nerd jokes about said game publisher. And from time to time series creator Katie Tiedrich throws herself into the panels for some self-deprecating—and relatable—humor or bizarre moments (in-game or in the real world) that can only be experienced by the most avid of gamers.

2) Ctrl+Alt+Del

It’s an undeniable fact: nearly 99.9% of web comics currently out there are centered around video games, the industry, and the nerdy tribulations of the gamer lifestyle. So when Ctrl+Alt+Del staked its claim in an already saturated cyberspace, the creators felt that the best way to stand out from the pack was to rip on themselves for trying to do exactly that. And it worked! Today, Ctrl+Alt+Del has garnered an ever-growing fanbase and has become a major competitor for Penny Arcade (especially where merchandise is concerned). Granted, the style of humor may not be for everyone. But for those that in need of yet another source of irreverent, semi-snarky video game comedy, look no further.

1) Gutters

Video game comedy is all well and good, but how many times can one repeat the same formula in a web comic before it gets tiresome (oh, wait, Ctrl+Alt+Del can and did). That said, for those who prefer panels over pixels, Gutters is, hands down, the best web comic series that places a satirical—sometimes commentative—eye on the comic book industry. And what really makes Gutters a unique series is that each one-page comic is drawn by a rotating team of contributing artists—it’s never the same style twice! Some of the comics and their jokes may be a little out there for the casual geek, but there’s enough to put a Joker-sized smile on your face (Be sure to check out issue #351. It’s got Grant Morrison driving a school bus!).

Did we miss any web comic strips?

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