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5 Online Musical Super Geniuses You've Got To Hear!

5 Online Musical Super Geniuses You've Got To Hear!

There are endless ways to express your enthusiasm for your favorite show, game, or film. But the fact of the matter is, some people just do it better than others. When you combine raw musical talent, years of practice, and the tedium of video editing, you get some fantastic Youtube renditions of our favorite theme songs.  Sure, maybe these guys can geek out with a little more pizzazz than the rest of us, but that’s ok. We still think your Ninja Turtle sock puppets are pretty neat too!

Doctor What

Isn’t this Charlie kid the cutest boy ever? And the accent just adds to his charm. Also, he has a fantastic t-shirt collection.

Sherlock’s Theme on Violin

Awesome music, awesome hairstyle. And the Sherlock theme isn’t all this genius can play. Her version of the Doctor Who theme is also on the Youtubes, and it will make you cry big fat tears of timey-wimey wonder.

Mario Brothers Theme A Cappella

Whoever said video games breed idleness and thwart creativity obviously never met this guy.

Skyrim Theme—Just one guy!

Not only does he have an amazing voice, super expressive eyebrows, and the ability to accurately pronounce all those word, he actually looks like he could be a Dragonborn. Guys, what if Tamriel is real?!

Zelda Medley by Linsey Sterling

The music, the mountains, the heavy layer of cheese. Lindsey is not afraid to go all out when it comes to Zelda. She’s not even being ironic either. But since when are we required to get permission from the Hipster Police before frolicking in the woods to our favorite gaming music? Since never? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Who's your favorite online musical super genius?

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