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Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The Jabberwocky? Yes, Please!

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads The Jabberwocky? Yes, Please!


Ever wanted to hear BBC's own Sherlock rattle off a memorable version of Lewis Carroll's most famous poem? Or maybe you’ve secretly dreamed of hearing David Tennant compare you to a summer’s day a la Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet? If you haven’t already heard of speakcelebrity on tumblr, you should check it out—it has an eclectic mix of celebs like the aforementioned dashing dudes, as well as voice-of-Vader himself, James Earl Jones, and the perpetually entertaining Christopher Walken, both doing versions of Poe’s The Raven, among others.

The site also has a suggestion box, where people can leave comments or share which poems they’d like to hear, along with which celebrities they’d love to hear recite them. Which, naturally, got us thinking about which other celeb faves we’d love to hear whisper sweet verses. Here’s some of our choices:

Katee Sackhoff reading Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman

The lady that brought us Starbuck would provide the perfect voice for Maya Angelou’s pro-lady anthem. Sackhoff’s confidence, haughtiness, and individuality would undoubtedly be on display, and would do justice to one of Angelou’s most famed works.

George Takei reading Roald Dahl’s The Pig

Oh, my! Takei’s not British like Dahl, but the message(s) in this poem are universal, and Takei’s voice is classic. The poem is light and fun, which is why Takei would be the perfect choice to bring it to life.

Wil Wheaton reading Mark Twain’s Genius

Wheaton has one of those voices that’s made to be heard. In fact, we’d wager it would be entertaining hearing him read a fortune cookie! He would be perfect to voice Twain, whose work would require the sardonic wit and intelligence Wheaton brings to everyday life, because he’s awesome, personified.

Kristin Wiig reading Dorothy Parker

We’re willing to bet that if Dorothy Parker were alive today, she’d be a big Wiig fan. Parker’s pieces were usually on the shorter side, so it would be fun to hear Wiig tackle a few of the witty 20th century satirist’s poems. We’re thinking the sly-n-wry Observation and Grandfather Said It would be prime choices.

Leonard Nemoy reading Alden Nowlan’s The Bull Moose

Nemoy, a longtime vegetarian, would be the perfect choice to read this sad and somber tale about man’s often intolerable behavior toward the Earth and the creatures who inhabit it.

Edward James Olmos reading Pablo Neruda’s Alberto Rojas Jimenez Comes Flying

Alternately smooth and gravelly, EJO’s voice is perfect for Neruda’s searing and oft-referenced poem, which has several emotional highs and lows of it’s own. A bonus? He could read both the Spanish and English versions.

Samuel L. Jackson reading Langston Hughes’s Theme for English B and/or Montage of a Dream Deferred

Together with the musical accompaniments speakcelebrity already has, we think one of the most quotable men in movies would be the best choice to bring some or all of Hughes’ most famed work to life. Hughes had one of the most distinct voices of his generation, and the same can be said for Jackson. This would be one classic collaboration!

Tina Fey reading Dr. Seuss’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go

No list of poems is complete without one of the greatest wordsmiths in American history. We think Fey, who has mastered both language and humor, would do stellar Seuss readings! We’d also be open to Fey doing readings in character—Liz Lemon reading Green Eggs and Ham has potential hilarity written all over it!

Which celebrities or poems would you like Speakcelebrity to add?

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