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Earth's Mightiest Pugs!

Earth's Mightiest Pugs!

Marvel Entertainment

Is this a video of pugs dressed as The Avengers? Yes. Yes it is. But it's also so much more.

In what many are dubbing the "most amazing gathering of super-pups ever assembled on one youtube screen," Avenger Pugs has hit the internet, and the world will never be the same.

This meeting of the mutts marks a milestone in the history of action-pug cinema, and it's a feat this video was even made, considering the insanely high number of milk-bones and tummy scratches their contracts must have demanded to share the screen together. Honestly, it's a wonder that so many character arcs could be so effectively balanced in one youtube video, and that each individual story could be told without sacrificing the story of another.

If you think you can brave the extreme levels of adorableness that this thrilling video delivers, then click onward, ye intrepid young adventurer, for ye shall be rewarded. Avenger Pugs: the fate of the galaxy is in their paws!

Could you even stand the cute?!

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