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3 Reasons Eragon Should Be Rebooted

3 Reasons Eragon Should Be Rebooted

Back in 2004, 20th Century Fox had a great idea: make a film of Christopher Paolini's bestselling fantasy book. Buuut every decision they made after that was pretty much a bad one.

The result was a terrible book adaptation and so-so to somewhat terrible film.

We think that this book series still has some potential, though, if the 2006 film was trashed and a whole new series begun. It could be bigger, badder, and do justice to some of the great worldbuilding in the Inheritance books. Here's why we think it needs a complete reboot:

1. The first movie was pretty bad and killed pretty much any hope for sequels. People like Orik and the Twins, characters that greatly affect the plot in the second, third and fourth books, weren't ever introduced in the movie. Besides that, the film only loosely followed the books and featured bad acting from just about everyone except Jeremy Irons, who played Brom.

2. A reboot could be longer than one hour forty minutes. The world of Alagaesia would take a good two and a half or three hours to portray accurately. The film would need to be Lord of the Rings-scale epicosity (not that the books are on par with Tolkien; just a comparison). Things could be portrayed in a more accurate, more full range. I.e.: the dwarves wouldn't look like something out of a BBC movie, and the Urgals would actually have horns.

3. The sequels could be great. Eldest wasn't the most fantastic book, but it had its moments, and the slow parts could be slipped over fast. Same with Brisingr. Inheritance had some really fantastic parts and would be an epic ending the the series, with some great battles and a melancholy yet perfect ending. It might even bring tears.

Do you agree?

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