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Help a N00b: Should He Become a Brony?

Help a N00b: Should He Become a Brony?


Let me start off by saying I’m prime brony material. I’m male, way too old to be watching kids’ shows, and I don’t have any children of my own (or even nieces and nephews to hang out with). That said, I've got absolutely no objection to checking out a show that's not made for my demographic. As long as it's a fun way to blow 22 minutes, I'm in!

So, with the new season starting next month, I decided to check out the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic website and take a look at some of the promo videos that they have to offer there. Here are my thoughts:

1) From browsing around the website it looks like Starbutt Gothmane is the protagonist. That’s pretty cool, but the fact that she seems to have a little dragon companion worries me greatly. Those tag-along characters usually make me want to kill.

2) On the main page there are several ponies arranged in a row, but when you look closely the unicorns are together, the pegasi are together, and the regular ponies are together. Is pony-land segregated? Do they each have their own neighborhoods? I notice there’s a fancy pegasus/unicorn pony, too.  I’m guessing she’s their queen (or princess, I suppose).

3) I have to admit, I’m kind of falling for Butterflyhaunch Cottoncandymane. She’s really demure and soft spoken. That goes a long way for me in a pony.

4) In one of the promos there's a scene of a pony leaning over and talking to a mule who is hitched to a cart. This is one of those things that always irks me in cartoons (I'm thinking of the PBS cartoon Arthur, particularly). It weirds me out when some of the characters are talking, anthropomorphic animals with humanlike lives and personalities while others seem to be regular animals like we have in the real world. It's just a little too uncomfortable to think that some ponies own mules and make them pull carts.

5) I'm getting the impression that the ponies freak out pretty often. It seems like I see lots of clips of ponies screaming and blowing up and steam coming out of their ears. All in all I think that's good; cute things flipping out are always pretty awesome to watch.

I have to admit, that I'm left with a generally positive feeling of the show. Do any of you guys have an opinion on it? If so, should I try it?

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