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Comic Con for N00Bs

Comic Con for N00Bs

What IS Comic Con? Is it a crazed marathon of cosplay, video games, and strange conversations? Thousands and thousands of nerds, geeks, and miscellaneous nut jobs hanging around in spandex costumes holding plastic  swords? Well, yes. But in the best way possible!As a n00b to the world of Comic Con, I really wasn't sure what to expect. In fact, I was slightly worried I'd be spending the weekend with long haired, greasy-faced guys who live in their parents' basements playing Magic: the Gathering 21 hours a day. But, after spending Friday and Saturday at NYCC, I've decided that ...

1. Comic Con is what was missing from my childhood.

2. If I could live at Comic Con, I would.

3. Nerds and geeks (and even miscellaneous nut jobs) are the coolest people ever.

Comic Con, for anyone else who's never been, is basically Nerd Christmas. Whatever you're interested in, be it comic books, Doctor Who, tea-serving anime people, or even Battle Pugs, is basically guaranteed to be there. Almost everyone is dressed up as some character from something, and even if you're not, there's a strong chance that you look like a character from some nerd-dom anyway.

What should you expect at Comic Con? Lots of crowds. And large rooms filled with booths filled with geeky merchandise. So basically, magic. If you need to replenish your witty tee-shirt and poster stash, Comic Con can definitely help with that. Plus, it's the best place to get info on all the world's nerdy happenings. Book releases, new video games, interviews with your favorite celebs—it's all at Comic Con.

And that's another thing: the celebs. San Diego Comic Con is pretty famous for its celebrity turnout, but the New York one had some pretty big people, too: Tom Felton, Caitlin Blackwood (little Amelia Pond), Carrie Fisher, and more. If you want your chance to convince your favorite superhero/Doctor/wizard to fall in love with you, Comic Con is the place to be.

But the best part about the Con? No one is going to think you're weird, no matter what you do. All the people who don't quite understand your fascination with re-reading every Harry Potter books or watching every Doctor Who episode on slow play (which I definitely haven't done) disappear when you're at Comic Con. You're surrounded by people who share your fascination with all things geek and are willing to express it in the loudest, most eccentric ways possible. And that basically rocks.

Have YOU ever been to Comic Con? Did you love it?

Stay tuned for more awesome Comic Con coverage and a slideshow of Jenny in amazing steampunk outfits!

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