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Skip 7 Psychopaths and Watch 7 PsychoCATS Instead!

Skip 7 Psychopaths and Watch 7 PsychoCATS Instead!

The internet may be bursting at the virtual seams with fictitious trailers, but you probably won't find one that you'll wish was playing at your local cinemaplex more than this hysterical teaser for Seven Psychocats. It takes its audio from the trailer for Seven Psychopaths and substitutes cats, instead.

And yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

PsychoCats kicks up that weirdness with the spot-on casting of a hairless Sphinx cat in the role of Walken, who rocks an awesome wig to boot that has to be seen to be believed. Keep an eye out for Charlie, too, the beige Woody Harrelson cat with a neck tattoo of a scorpion. As far as we know, that's the first feline in movie history to undergo extreme body modification.

This past weekend saw the release of a string of potential heavy-hitters. Both Seven Psychopaths and the Ethan Hawke scare-fest Sinister hit theaters, along with the Ben Affleck directed Oscar-bait Argo, so Psychopaths had some formidable competition. We think if they actually went the PsychoCats route, it would have won the weekend's box office hands down. Are you listening, Hollywood? The world is clamoring for more movies starring hairless cats! Forget 3D! An all feline cast is THE ultimate way to get movie-goers back into those seats!

What did you think of 7 Psychocats?

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