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5 Horror Movies with Geeky Girl Appeal

 5 Horror Movies with Geeky Girl Appeal

Everybody loves a good scarey movie but given the fact that horror is such a testosterone fueled genre sometimes it's a little tough for geeky girls to find one that they can relate to. Well here's a handy-dandy list of genuinely shocking horror pics with plenty geeky-girl appeal to boot. And guys? You'll enjoy them too... that is if you're brave enough to watch them all the way through!

1. Carrie

If you pressed any seasoned fanatic for their all time top ten horror movies, there's a strong chance you'd find Brian DePalma's Carrie on the majority of those lists. This tale of teenage awkwardness and angst is a must see for anyone who has ever felt like they didn't fit in. Still innovative after all of these years, the film boasts one of the most terrifying finales in all of movie history, John Travolta's first big screen role, and a performance from Sissy Spacek that just knocks it out of the park. Look out for the 2013 remake, starring Chloe Moretz!

2. Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is a largely unknown indie movie gem about two misfit sisters whose lives are changed when, after an attack from a wolf like creature, older sister Ginger is transformed into a Lycanthrope (aka a Werewolf). Don't expect a female Jacob out of this, though. Although the film has a dark, twisted sense of humor, the movie is played for scares. Like Carrie, it's also a tale of alienated teens exacting revenge on their aggressors, but it's also a pretty moving tale of sisterly love, and an all around kick-butt chick flick. If you like this, check out the increasingly bizarre sequels which are pretty great in their own right!

3. The Descent

A group of Australian spelunking ladies descend into the depths of a massive underground cave, where an ancient race of hideous bat-like creatures lie in waiting. It's clever, intense, and just about the most horrifying film that's been made in the past ten years.

4. May

Another often overlooked indie from the 2000s, May functions for the most part as a soft-spoken, slow-burning update to Carrie. Angela Bettis plays May, a disturbed and beautiful young woman with an affinity for dolls. After struggling to find a genuine friend, May decides that perhaps it's best to just make one of her own with the very unwilling participation of acquaintances within her town. It's got a killer soundtrack and Anna Farris in one of her first, non-comedy movie roles.

5. Suspiria

From Italian horror master Dario Argento (often hailed as the Italian answer to Hitchcock) comes one of the most disturbing and yet totally psychedelic films of all time. Set in an all-girls boarding school for dance, the film is about a young American exchange student who uncovers a disturbing connection between a series of grizzly deaths that occur at the school. The entire film takes on a nightmarishly surreal tone, bursts with vibrant colors and some of the most creative death sequences ever captured on film. Although Argento has had some massive hits and apocalyptic misses, Suspiria stands as his hands down ultimate masterpiece.

What's your favorite scary chick flick?

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