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QUIZ: What Greek God Are You?

QUIZ: What Greek God Are You?

Among the many things the ancient Greeks were awesome at was storytelling. They made up myths about gods so irrational and self-indulgent that it's a wonder they kept the world running at all. From wine-guzzling hedonists to fleet-footed tricksters to sun-riding kings, the Greek pantheon is full of colorful characters. If you've ever wondered how you would reign over the ancients, this is your chance to find out!

1. Which of the following powers would you most like to have?
a) The ability to see the future. (1 point)
b) Unrivaled partying abilities. (2 points)
c) Flight (super speed inclusive!). (3 points)
d) Shapeshifting. (4 points)
e) Supremacy in every form of combat. (5 points)

2. What do you do in your spare time?
a) Take sides in other people's fights, and win them for 'em. (5 points)
b) Mess with my minions. It's hilarious! (4 points)
c) Travel: I love getting myself into trouble in every culture. (3 points)
d) Look for inventive new ways to indulge myself. (2 points)
e) Write the best music in the universe. (1 point)

3. Which of these birds would you most like to have as a pet?
a) A hawk. They can keep up with me. (3 points)
b) A raven. They make great messengers. (1 point)
c) A vulture. We have similar interests. (5 points)
d) An eagle. Because they rule, duh. (4 points)
e) Not really into birds. I'd prefer a panther, please. (2 points)

4. What do other people like most about you?
a) My sense of humor. (3 points)
b) My confidence. (4 points)
c) My loyalty. (5 points)
d) My laid-back attitude. (2 points)
e) My looks. (1 point)

5. Your friend is captured by a band of marauding centaurs. What do you do?
a) Some of my best friends are centaurs! Let me do the talking. (2 points)
b) Fly the friend out, and play a clever prank on the centaurs to discourage repeat offenses. (3 points)
c) I won't even have to fight them: just approaching them will scare them away. (1 point)
d) Any friend of mine can handle a centaur gang. (5 points)
e) Whatever. I'm busy. (4 points)

Add your points up and divide by 5. Round your number up or down. If you got the number:

1: You are Apollo! You're not only the center of attention, you're the center of our solar system! You are talented, brilliant, and so handsome people can barely look you in the eye, so it's no wonder you are one of the most popular gods of all time. Your awesomeness occasionally gets to your head, but you have kind of earned a bit of arrogance, what with allowing all life on Earth to exist. Keep on shining!

2: You are Dionysus! You are a walking, talking party machine. No matter where you are in the universe, you are guaranteed to be having a good time with whomever or whatever is with you. A long-term planner you are not: instead, you are the epitome of the phrase "Seize the day," and you will continue to spread your message of hedonism and fun to everyone. Keep on rocking out!

3. You are Hermes! You are the messenger of the gods, which means you are trusted with all manner of important information and materials. However, you tend to side with mortals over deities, and you enjoy tricking your superiors out of their gifts and entrusting them to humanity. You will always be revered for this reason, as well as your hilarious stories from traveling all around the planet. Keep on wandering!

4. You are Zeus! You are the King, simple as that. Your strength and talents have made you both feared and admired, and all other gods and mortals look up to you. Of course, you have your own personal agenda and you tend to favor that over what's best for everyone else but who cares? Did we mention that you are the King? Keep on ruling!

5. You are Ares! Nobody in their right mind would ever take you on in a fight, because you are the fiercest warrior of them all. You believe combat skills are the only thing that make a person great, and a fight to the death is the only kind of battle that genuinely matters. For this reason you are greatly feared by your worshippers and your fellow deities, but rarely loved. Poor little lonely war god! Keep on battling!

What Greek god are you?

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