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Top 5 Scariest (And Fun-est) Haunted Houses in the US

Top 5 Scariest (And Fun-est) Haunted Houses in the US

These aren't "real" haunted houses... that is to say, there aren't any old dudes giving walking tours of the grounds telling you that in 1881 this place used to be a diphtheria ward. No, these are on purpose scary, hold onto your significant other, I can't believe I paid to do this haunted houses. So hold on! It's gunna be a scary ride.

5) The Haunted Catacombs—Buffalo, New York

A lot of haunted houses tend to stick to the same scares and layout design year after year. But not the Haunted Catacombs. Since last Halloween, the people in charge of this haunt have spent over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to ensure that not only will the participants of this year’s scarefest be treated to a new experience, but it promises to be a vastly improved one as well. And considering that the haunt is over 30,000 square feet in size, you can be assured that there will be an endless amount of new opportunities to wet your pants like a frightened cub scout.

4) Asylum and Hotel Fear—Las Vegas Nevada

This haunted house is unique as it is actually two haunted houses in one! The first is an “abandon asylum” where the blood soaked ghosts of insane mental patients and chainsaw wielding doctors roam the numerous dark and spooky rooms and hallways. The second haunt is a “forgotten hotel” located right next to the asylum; and it’s filled with unfortunate souls who have perished inside its walls. The elaborate level of detail is a big point of pride for these haunts. Apparently, every single room, corner, window, etc. has a special surprise waiting for you. Sounds like more fun than playing the slots!

3) 13th Floor—Denver, Colorado

The 13th floor in Denver is one of the few haunts that use live reptiles and insects to scare you. That’s right, live reptiles and insects. That alone makes it worthy of being among the nationally top ranked haunted houses. Just imagine, you’re walking down a long dark corridor, you’re all alone, you hear a low growl to your left, you turn to find a crocodile staring you right in the face! You scream, and turn the other way, only to find yourself face to face with a tarantula! This haunt is not for the faint of heart. Aside from the insects and reptiles, they also have open elevator shafts (of course, your safety is assured as long as you go where you’re supposed to) and a long rumored history of actual encounters with real ghosts. No wonder most buildings don’t have a 13th floor.

2) House of Shock—New Orleans

You know a haunted house is going to be good when one of its creators is the lead singer of a heavy metal band. Phil Anselmo, the lead singer of Pantera, helped start this haunt back in 1997. Since then, the House of Shock has grown into one of the most in demand haunts in the nation. There is a voodoo shop, morgue, indoor swamp, sewer, moving floors, and “Hell," apparently. We’re not sure what exactly Hell will look like, but we’re sure excited to find out. The best part of The House of Shock may occur before you even enter the haunt itself, as there is a FREE Halloween festival that takes place outside by the entrance. This festival includes live music and a pyrotechnic show. Sounds like this New Orleans haunt is living up to its city’s reputation!

1) Black Out—Los Angeles/New York City

Instead of giving you a straight description of Black Out, let’s just go over the basic rules, shall we?

1) You must be 18 or older to enter (every other haunt on this list has no age restriction, only the suggestion that kids under ten do not attend).
2) You must go by yourself. You can not enter with a friend.
3) Water will be involved. You will get wet.
4) There will be violent situations.
5) Much of the haunt will be in complete darkness.
6) You will have to crawl at certain points.
7) You must wear a protective mask at all times.
8) There is absolutely no talking while inside.
9) There is a safety word. That word is “Safety”. Scream it if you feel unsafe, you will be escorted out. No refunds.
10) And finally, our favorite, you must sign a waiver where you agree to let the actors physical touch you (yeah, this is the only haunt where you get touched... trust us, we looked).

Where's your favorite haunted house?

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