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LGBT Geek-Centric Website

LGBT Geek-Centric Website

Inspired by Dan Savage’s "It Gets Better" campaign, some geektabulous members of the LGBT community created the comic book fan site Geeksout, with the hopes of getting into the New York Comic Con (they did), as well as to promote the “big, untapped social energy source” that is queer geek culture.

Geeksout is pretty straightforward (or gay forward, if you will) in its mission: “to establish and maintain a queer presence at events like Comic-Con, ensuring that our voice remains part of the larger conversation.” The site seems very inclusive and cool, and continues the growing trend of members of the LGBT community coming out of the Geeky/Nerdy closet.

They will be present at next year’s Gaymercon, the first gaming convention with a focus on LGBT culture. Members of the comic book community tend to donate merchandise from time to time, which Geeksout then sells to fund their cause. They also have fun mugs and totes (we like the “People Who Kiss Me Get Super Powers” ones best). Also, a lot of totally talented artists/writers have lent Geeksout their support, including Alison Bechdel, Phil Jimenez, and Joel Watson, so it has legit growing support.

There are some who feel that the LGBT needn’t separate themselves by forming their own sites, forums, and conventions, because the gaming community is already super-supportive, but those involved say they’re just trying to be themselves and celebrate their culture.

What's your take on an LGBT-only geek site?

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