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QUIZ: What Greek Goddess Are You?

QUIZ: What Greek Goddess Are You?

The lady gods of the Olympian pantheon have earned the distinction of being slightly more competent than their male counterparts, though not by a whole lot. They are often just as self-centered, impulsive, and prone to egomania as the gods, though they are a lot more subtle and elegant about the whole immortal-being thing. For all you Mastermind maidens who have wondered how you would rule over the ancient world, this is the quiz for you. Find out what Greek goddess you are, below!

1. A bouncer catches you sneaking into a club without paying cover. What do you do?

a) Flirt your way out of it. With your charm, they'll end up paying you. (1 point)

b) Uh, sneaking into a club? This doesn't sound like me. I'm the wholesome, outdoor type. (2 points)

c) Outwit the bouncer. With your brains, it'll take about a nanosecond. (3 points)

d) Excuse me, I am queen of the night, and I'll go wherever I please! (4 points)

e) Probably for the best. I get jealous of other girls easily. (5 points)

2. What's your fashion style?

a) Athletic wear. (4 points)

b) Comfortable, but classy. (3 points)

c) Anything that attracts attention. Lots of attention. (5 points)

d) Only the finest, since I'm the finest. (1 point)

e) I'm a hippie through-and-through. (2 points)

3. You are happiest when you are:

a) Reading. (3 points)

b) Looking in the mirror. (1 point)

c) Out exploring the woods, late at night. (4 points)

d) With my boyfriend. (5 points)

e) Working in my garden. (2 points)

4. Your best quality is your:

a) Independence. Nobody dares tell a badass like me what to do. (4 points)

b) Physical beauty. I mean, have you seen me? (1 point)

c) Power. Of course, I don't always use it for good: what fun would that be? (5 points)

d) Intelligence. I am the smartest of all deities, although that's saying much. (3 points)

e) Respect for nature. I plan to leave the world better than I found it. (2 points)

5. Your best friend has fallen for a new guy, but you see him kissing another girl. You:

a) Do nothing. Love is always worth it, even if it ends badly. (1 point)

b) Do nothing. Love is never worth it, and she should learn that firsthand. (4 points)

c) Beat up the dude. (3 points)

d) Tell her, and be supportive. (2 points)

e) Tell her, and help her plan her revenge on him and the other girl (you've had lots of practice with this). (5 points)

Add up your points and divide by five. Round your number up or down. If you got:

1. You are Aphrodite! You are ridiculously good-looking. No, really, you are stunningly, outlandishly, brain-explodingly good-looking. On top of that, you are charming beyond measure. Needless to say, you are one popular cookie, though all the flattery you get makes you a little superficial. Still, you are devoted to finding love for both yourself and others. Keep on romancing!

2. You are Demeter! You are a peace-loving earth mother, most happy out on wilderness trails, growing plants in your garden, or taking care of needy animals. You are also very supportive and kind to your friends, and occasionally even to your enemies. Basically, if everyone had your values and attitude, the world would be a way better place. Keep on exploring!

3. You are Athena! Your awesomeness cannot be overstated. Not only are you wise, noble, and beautiful, you are also a tough warrior and stateswoman. You are convinced the world can be a safer, smarter, more logical place, and everyone believes you have the spirit and brains to achieve it. Keep on learning!

4. You are Artemis! You're a wild child. Fiercely independent, you prefer the company of animals to humans as well as the quiet of night to the bustle of day. Athletic beyond compare, you have no interest in settling down anytime soon, let alone getting into a relationship. Keep on hunting!

5. You are Hera! You are the queen of the gods, powerful and well-intentioned. However, you have horrible taste in men coupled with a jealous streak, so you frequently go out on vengeful rampages. Despite your reputation for cruelty, you are very nurturing to those wise enough to be loyal to you. Keep on reigning supreme!

What Greek goddess are you?

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