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Geeky Girl Halloween: Aviatrix


Remember how I said not to bring dark colors too close to the inner corners of your eye so they appear more awake? Yeah, forget that. In the 30s, the sleepy-dreamy look was in! So take Marjorie (UD Desperation) and blend it into the crease, shading it all the way into the inner corners, and a tiny bit up into the socket. “Socket” sounds really graphic and gross, but it’s really just that concave area under your inner brow.

Tags: slideshows, makeup, halloween, how to, beauty, life, 1930s, geeky girl glam

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Allison Emm

Allison Emm is a writer, illustrator, and handmade soap enthusiast hailing from Boulder, CO. She is fond of bookish and ruggedly handsome mountain men, blue spruce trees, birds of prey, starships, and yarn.

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