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Which American Literature Heroine Are You?

Which American Literature Heroine Are You?

Sure, we all love a swashbuckling and strapping male hero, but let's be honest: if it wasn't for the classic heroines of American Lit, the fiction landscape would be pretty drab. Heroines in Classic American Literature often indicate both the society’s outlook toward women at a given time and where the male generation lacked and excelled. Today’s society credits women with more timeless, complicated personas. The question is: where do you best fit?  What do you have to offer society? What kind of men do you clash with, what kind of men do you grow with? Take the quiz and find out!

1)  YOU’RE IN THE MISS AMERICA PAGEANT: What do you say in your interview?

A.  I talk about how to end racism.

B.   I advocate women’s rights.

C.   I point out better care of veterans for post-traumatic stress disorder.

D.   I give the classic “world peace” answer.

2)   YOU’RE AT THE DINNER TABLE: What is on your mind?

A.   I want to say a prayer of thanks for the food.

B.   I point out all the ironies in the group’s conversation.

C.   Table manners stress me out.

D.   I have no idea what I want to order.

3)   YOU’RE IN A BURNING BUILDING:  What do you do?

A.   I try to stop the fire.

B.   Well, I’m the one who started the fire.

C.   I might as well burn.

D.   I’ll try to encourage people to escape—I just want to save as many as I can.

4)   YOU’RE IN THE MALL: What do you buy?

A.   Overalls.

B.   Anything white.

C.   Anything red.

D.   I’d get a man to buy me diamonds.

5)   YOU’RE AT THE PROM:  Who’s your date?

A.   I’m daddy’s little girl; I didn’t want to go.

B.   I’m with a football player, but I wish I was with that rebel poet in my English class….

C.   I have multiple dates and a guy outside in the car.

D.   I’m with my high school sweetheart.  It’s my last first date ever.

6)   YOU’RE IN YOUR HAPPY PLACE:  Where is it?

A.   Away from everyone.

B.   In the window of my bedroom, looking at the moon.

C.   In a tree-- I climbed up here!

D.   In my bathtub.

7)   YOU’RE DEAD: Who do you want at your funeral?

A.   The down-and-outs of society; Everyone is welcome!

B.   A community of women… really, just no men.

C.   The love that got away.

D.   My family, close friends—anyone I touched.

8)  YOU’RE IN LOVE:  What’s your Taylor Swift song?

A.   Back to December.

B.   Change.

C.   Our Song.

D.   Picture to burn.

So, which heroine best matches your personality?

If your answers best match this set, then you are Emily Webb from Our Town:

1D, 2A, 3D, 4B, 5D, 6B, 7D, 8C

You are glad to know everyone you meet. You put yourself last, and you find the good in unfortunate situations. You give hope and a sense of conviction to society. You remain loyal to only one sweetheart, and you will draw out his most vulnerable feelings.

If your answers best match this set, then you are Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird:

1A, 2B, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6C, 7A, 8B

Unlike the rest of society, you look at people through an unbiased, unfiltered lens. You stick your neck out for people, and you do not fear losing. You surprise society with your welcoming, loving nature. You have high standards for men, because you cling to the advice of your father.

If your answers best match this set, then you are Hester Prynne from The Scarlet Letter:

1B, 2C, 3B, 4C, 5B, 6A, 7B, 8D

You rarely allow the opinions of society to change your beliefs. You can give love even when you receive it from nobody. You courageously demand forgiveness and second chances. You do not allow convenience to keep you in unhealthy relationships, and you maintain a value of family.

If your answers best match this set, then you are like Lady Brett Ashley from The Sun Also Rises:

1C, 2D, 3C, 4D, 5C, 6D, 7C, 8A

You work hard to keep the spirits of you and your companions alive. You attract followers with your endearing nature. When you truly connect with others, you form strong bonds and experience great vulnerability. You hesitate to fall in love because you understand pain it could cause you. Your first love always stays with you.

Which heroine are you?

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