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Top 10 Awesome Doctor Who Villains!

Top 10 Awesome Doctor Who Villains!

We all love the Doctor. All 11 of them. With their quirky style of dress to their odd behavioral ticks. But lets be honest, everyone tunes in to see the creepy and weird villains. There have been SO many over the years, it's tough to know where to begin. Here at MindHut, however, we've narrowed it down to our top 10 favorites. See if you agree!

10. Judoon

Ahh, the Judoon. Arguably sporting the toughest hides in all the universe, they are a rhinocerous-like race that act as an overly brutal police force. The Judoon live for their special brand of extreme law and order, but the truth is that they’re little more than intergalactic thugs. While the Judoon aren’t the scariest villains in the Whovian ‘verse, they are one of the coolest looking and know how to obey a stop sign.

9. Silurians

Most recently seen in the Season Six episode, “A Good Man Goes to War”, the Silurians are a race of humanoid reptiles that the Doctor describes as “homo reptilia.”  Much like the Ice Warriors, they have the capacity for both good and evil. Silurians make an intriguing villain because you’re never quite sure if they’re truly on The Doctor’s side or not.

8. Cybermen

Using living human brains as their power source, the Cybermen truly are part man, part machine. They create new Cybermen using a terrifying process known as “cyber-conversion”—literally turning their human victims into robots. Having a long-standing fear of both robots and piranhas, we would most definitely not like to come across either monster in our time travel adventures.

7. Ice Warriors

Scary beasties from Mars. Is there a more common trope in pop culture? Yet these particular scary beasties are super scary standing at seven feet tall with scaly faces and razor-sharp teeth. Yet unlike some other Whovian beasties, the Ice Warriors are not all evil, all the time. Still, we wouldn’t like to cross these monsters’ path anytime soon. With our luck, we’d catch them on an evil day, and with no Doctor around to save us.

6. Davros

Who better to be a part of our list than a crazy scientist from the planet of Skaro who just so happens to be the guy who created the Daleks? Davros is nuttier than a Snickers bar and is one of the few villains that can challenge the Doctor on his own intellectual level. It’s always a treat to see them go head-to-head.

5. Daleks

File under "DO NOT WANT!" With their creepy robot gliding, giant ray guns, and signature battle cry of “EXTERMINATE!", only the daftest among us would stand around waiting for these weird cones of evil to show up.

4. Vashta Nerada

Doing the biggest disservice to libraries since the e-reader, the Vashta Nerada will make even the biggest book nerd wary of staying at the library after dark. Introduced in the Series 4 episode, “Silence In The Library,” the Vashta Nerada are the worst kind of space beastie. Poor River Song had to deal with them in this spooky tale.

3. The Silence

The scariest thing about the Silence is their ability to make you forget you’ve seen them the second after you do. There were a number of moments during “Day of the Moon” where we practically had to nail our feet to the floor. Truly unnerving, The Silence were considered “too scary” for some younger Whovians. They’re to Whovians as The Gentlemen are to Buffy fans—the stuff of your very worst nightmares.

2. The Master

Arguably The Doctor’s true nemesis, The Master has remained an enduring legacy as to what happens when Time Lords go dark. From the third Doctor sparring with The Master in a legendary sword fight, to the the last time the eleventh Doctor and The Master battled in “The End of Time," The Master and The Doctor's battles are always epic because they know which buttons to push on each other. If the Doctor has nightmares (as we know he does), we’re guessing The Master features in quite a few of them.

1. Weeping Angels

Nothing is scarier than a giant statue of an evil angel, especially to those of us who suffer from Automantonophobia (someone who is terrified of statues). What happens when you add the ability for said evil angel to kill you in excrutiating ways if you dare blink? That, dear readers, is the stuff of nightmares, and that’s why the Weeping Angels win the number one slot for the best Doctor Who villains ever. Don't blink!

What's your favorite Doctor Who villain?

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