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World's Strangest Insect Videos

World's Strangest Insect Videos

Although life on other planets remains unconfirmed, we have thousands upon thousands of species of creepy-crawlies in every corner of the globe that are about as alien to us humans as one could possibly imagine. Sometimes astonishing and often cringe inducing, these tiny marvels of evolution are undoubtedly the kings of weird of the animal kingdom. So check out our picks of the strangest and often grossest insect videos in existence!

"Lifeboat" Creating Ants

Did you know that along with crows and humans, ants are the only other creature on Earth known to fight in battle formation? Yes, ants definitely know a thing or two about teamwork, so much so, in fact, that they often form both bridges and even life boats comprised of living ant bodies to go forth and conquer. Here's an amazing video displaying this bizarre behavior:

Heat Spray Shooting Beetles

Carnivorous Caterpillars

These insidious little critters are far from the docile, leaf munching, buddies that you can find hanging from trees in springtime. In fact this Hawaiian species of caterpillar has developed a cunning way to capture its prey and while its caterpillar brothers and sisters are harmless vegans, these creatures are nothing short of master assassins:

How Locusts Perceive the Signal to Swarm

Locusts in tremendous numbers have extraordinary destructive capabilities, to the point where they're biblically considered a sign of the Apocalypse. What makes these timid grasshoppers congregate in droves and go on insane eating binges that unleash such uncanny havoc? Well, this video sheds light on this question:

Cordyceps: Attack of the Killer Fuungi

And finally, the weirdest of the weird. This video features the effect of Cordyceps Fungi on African ants. What does the Cordyceps Fungi do? Well, we could tell you, but that would ruin the surprise. Let's just say it's kind of "mind-blowing":

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