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People With Real Video Game Powers

People With Real Video Game Powers

This crazy video of a guy who can perform a real Street Fighter style Hadouken has been circulating on the internets lately and it got us pondering the age old question: does life imitate video games, or do video games imitate life?

Here's the real life "Street Fighter." Actually, it isn't quite as impressive as it sounds. But it is definitely harder than it looks. Trust us, we tried. And we've been icing our biceps for days now:

What's that you say? You wish that some high school somewhere had a talent show where someone acted out the entire first level of Super Mario Brothers, live on stage? What a coincidence! We happen to have footage of that very thing. Now, we will warn you, the footage is grainy and shot terribly, but for some reason we couldn't. Stop. Watching.

And our hands were fidgeting the whole time. Probably NES controller withdrawal:

Okay, so this last one isn't technically a video game. But it's about as amazing as any video game we've ever played. In fact, we're not sure why it ISN'T a video game! All we're going to say is "Matrix Ping Pong." Watch and be BLOWN AWAY:

Have you seen any crazy real life video game clips that we missed?

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