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TV Shows You'll Never Believe Existed

TV Shows You'll Never Believe Existed

Sometimes it seems like there's a billion channels on the TV but nothing at all worth watching. Well, these bizarre shows prove that sometimes nothing is better than a heaping helping of epic fail. So here's our list of insanely horrible TV shows that never should have hit the light of day in the first place.

1. My Mother The Car

My Mother the Car is perhaps the only television show ever to combine America's love of the automobile with reincarnation based theology. The 1960's show followed the exploits of attorney David Crabtree whose deceased mother comes back to "life" as a dilapidated 1928 "Porter" touring car. Aside from the colossal stupidity behind My Mother's premise, the show didn't even bother to reincarnate the mother's spirit into a car that was manufactured after the date of her death! It was almost immediately cancelled, but will never be forgotten for having one of the worst premises in television history.

2. Cop Rock

Long before Glee brought song and dance to the weekly episodic drama format, there was Cop Rock, a show that was so uniquely terrible that it took television almost two decades to try the format again and get it right. The show was exactly what it sounds like: cops, criminals, and sometimes lawyers and judges too, singing ridiculously cheesed out 80's tunes with dance moves that look like they were choreographed by an orangutang. Here's a choice clip; behold the insanity:

3. Automan

We're not exactly sure what's up with this television phenomenon of marrying humans and automobiles, but this one officially put an end to the trend. The series was actually a huge Tron ripoff, and featured a main hero that was a video game character come to life. Don't expect it to reach Wreck It Ralph levels of awesomeness, though. Set your sites, much, much lower….

4. Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith was a series about an ape named Cha Cha, who sneaks into a government research center and drinks an experimental elixir that transforms him into a talking primate with an IQ of 256. He's renamed Mr. Smith, and then becomes, no joke, a political advisor. The show barely lasted more than a month and a half on the air, but Cha-Cha did go on to star in the Clint Eastwood comedy Any Which Way But Loose, and of course to choreograph for Cop Rock.

5. Poochinski

Poochinski was a series that was a marriage of nearly all the horrible premises that we've seen play out in these abysmally strange shows: cop gets killed on duty and gets reincarnated as a crime busting pooch—that farts a lot. To make matters worse Poochinski utilized a really disturbing animatronic puppet for his dialogue scenes. It really just must be seen to be believed.

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