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5 Scarier than Scary On-Screen Physical Transformations!

5 Scarier than Scary On-Screen Physical Transformations!

The movie Alex Cross isn’t making waves in or out of the box office, but perhaps the most notable thing about the film is the physical transformation of the artist-formerly-known-as-Jack Shepherd, Matthew Fox from LOST. Seriously—have you seen him lately? He looks crazy in this! But this isn’t anything new; several well known actors have transformed their bodies into something startling, often yielding scary results. With all the celebrations of scary going on, we thought we’d celebrate a different kind: the “Holy crap, you now officially look insane!” scary. Here are a few people who scared us the most.

Christian Bale, The Machinist

Perhaps the most documented instance of an actor changing himself physically, (other than Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull, which we omitted solely because of its obviousness) Bale’s turn as an insomniac in this 2004 flick is all kinds of creepy! He lost over 60 pounds—and saying he looks emaciated doesn’t cover it. Even supermodels found his look extreme! Considering he went from this to Batman Begins in 2005, Bale’s versatility cannot be denied. He will make you cringe!

Milo Ventimiglia, The Divide

This movie is stinky bad. And bloody violent in a very non-British kind of way.  In fact, don’t see it; just check out promotional still of Milo’s physical transformation in the movie. He didn’t gain/lose oodles of weight, but, for serious, by the end of this very bad flick, it looks like Peter Petrelli from Heroes got fed up with life, shaved his head, and turned into a crazed killer who started munching on human appendages. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Charlize Theron, Monster

She won an Oscar for her role as a serial killer in this very dark movie. The make-up artists definitely helped her out here, but the babe from Prometheus and the killer she plays in Monster couldn’t pass for distant relatives. She put on 30 lbs., changed every aspect of her physicality, and looks like someone capable of kicking Milo Ventimiglia’s arse if she were in The Divide!

Linda Hamilton, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

If you weren’t scared of Sarah Connor when she was in the loony bin doing pull-ups like a crazed Olympian, you weren’t coherent at the time! One of the biggest badasses in cinema history, Sarah Connor went from being a clueless soft-bodied waitress to a chick who would look equally comfortable on the covers of both Fitness and Chicks with Guns magazines. Seriously, though, go back and watch the first two flicks in this series back-to-back sometime. The difference in her appearance is startling!

50 Cent, All Things Fall Apart

For this little-seen TV-movie 50 Cent financed himself, he dropped 60 pounds by going on a liquid diet for a short period of time. The scary thing about this wasn’t the football player-turned cancer patient 50 played, but the before/after pic he posted on twitter after production wrapped. He looks like a zombified ghost of his former self, and, while the flick isn’t scary, his transformation sure is!

What other crazy physical transformations have startled/scared you?

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