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Which J.R.R. Tolkien Book Are You?

Which J.R.R. Tolkien Book Are You?

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You know he wrote Lord of the Rings, but J.R.R. Tolkien filled volumes with Middle Earth history, poetry, and tales that extend the stories of familiar characters and introduce totally different ones. Find out which Tolkien book you are!

1. You’re choosing a book to read over Christmas break. Which genre do you pick?

a) Fantasy.
b) Historical fiction.
c) Short stories.
d) Adventure.

2. When you’re on your deathbed, what will you think of your life looking back?

a) It was successful.
b) I learned so much.
c) It was unfinished.
d) It was exciting!

3. How would you most like to travel?

a) By eagle.
b) By horse.
c) By dragon.
d) By sea.

4. When something unexpected and especially disruptive to your life happens, how do you react?

a) Adapt to the discomfort and do what needs to be done.
b) Try to return to your comfort zone.
c) Take it one day at a time.
d) Be thrilled for the new adventures!

5. Which best describes your friends?

a) They’re loyal to the end.
b) They have been your friends for many years.
c) They are numerous.
d) They love to do crazy fun things.

Now see what you got…

Mostly As: You are Lord of the Rings
You are Tolkien’s classic epic fantasy series. You have a vivid imagination and a determined spirit. You want to do something big in life and are willing to sacrifice to accomplish it. You value loyalty in friendship and tend to be an overachiever.

Mostly Bs: You are The Silmarillion
You are Tolkien’s history book of Middle Earth. You love to learn new things while remaining in your comfort zone. History is likely one of your favorite subjects in school. You value traditions and enjoy recounting incidents and stories to your friends.

Mostly Cs: You are Unfinished Tales
You are Tolkien’s volume of incomplete tales about Middle Earth. You may feel that you haven’t discovered your purpose in life yet, but you are loved by many. You like to impact people’s lives so that they remember you. You value individual precious moments and live in the present.

Mostly Ds: You are The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
You are Tolkien’s collection of poems about Tom Bombadil from LotR, a hobbit and a troll, the Man in the Moon, and several uncategorized tales. You are playful and adventurous. You seek excitement and love to laugh. You value fun, beauty, and time spent with friends.

Which book are you?

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